Actual Play – Attack of the Media Moguls (10/5/2012)

GM: Greg Wirth and Sarah Hawklyn
Players: LARPers a plenty
System: Teenagers From Outer Space (TFOS)

One of the pillars of the LARPing community at Big Bad Con, Greg Wirth asked if I would make a cameo appearance in the TFOS LARP. My first inclination was to say I was too busy running the con, but Greg has been a prince about his LARPs both years. Last year he let me split it in half with a band performance that we called the Ferris Bueller High School Dance. So I figured the least I could do was show up for a few minutes this year.

Man, I am so glad I did.

Greg invited me in, put a wolf skin on my head and sat me down. The LARP was stopping to watch a movie that had been made by the “upperclassmen”. The movie, made by Greg and his LARP team was really well done and hilarious. It featured a major plot event that had the students in a panic. As soon as it ended Greg and I popped up and we took the part of Action Wolf News reporters. We got in the students faces, asked obnoxious questions, misconstrued everything they said and made unsubstantiated ominous predictions about their fate.

I think I was in the room for maybe 15-20 minutes, so I can hardly call this a real actual play report, but I want to commemorate the fun we had. I was the nosy reporter, Greg was my camera-man and together we made much tomfoolery!

Here’s the game listing: Attack of the Media Moguls

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