Actual Play – Burning Carom – Character Burning (9/24/2012)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Shaun Hayworth, Kristin Hayworth, Eric Fattig, and Scott White
System: Burning Empires
Planet: Carom

Human Figures of Note

Draven Nicandro, Cotar Fomas (Invasion Human FoN)

Groomed to be Anvil Lord, but wife was killed while visiting father/Archcotare when the Cyreans incited a riot. Her death drove him into the church, where he studied and eventually took over as Cotar Fomas. Fighting against the Cyreans isn’t a vendetta, it’s just what’s right.

Color notes: Draven has a son  that lives with him, but due to his Cotar Fomas duties, the boy spends a lot of time with his Grandpa, the Archcotare. There’s a lot of guilt for Draven over how little “raising” of his son he actually does. Also, Draven is badly burned from trying to rescue his wife Elena. It’s noticeable with his shirt on, disturbing with it off.  Son: Cason Nicandro


  • Belief 1: Darias is trying to pinch pennies from the Sodalis budget to make the bean counters off world happy. I will elicit Kristhoff’s help in persuading him to instead increase our budget in exchange for rooting out the excesses of the Dregutai.
  • Belief 2: I need to find Korak before the Constable can or I’ll never be able to share true justice with him. I will visit Artemus and convince him to turn over his leads so the church can handle Korak.
  • Belief 3: The Archcotare is adamant on paying Korak back with fire. I will insist the sodalis search the safehouse before we burn it, despite what Brendan wants.


  • Always wear long sleeves, gloves and a high collar.
  • Always be home in time for dinner with Cason
  • Never Strike out of Anger

Artemus Morikean, Imperial Constable (Usurpation Human FoN) – new to the planet.

His duty is to attempt to enforce Imperial law on Carom, especially after the EDA-6 incident. He’s a member of the Circle of 10,000, and a former Anvil Stormtrooper. Artemus is well known for being honest to a fault. This gets him into trouble. He’s also a Cyrean, though he’s a moderate, rather than an extremist. He’s very serious about his duty as an officer of the Stewardship, but he’s aware of what a detriment his beliefs can be in that pursuit.


  • Belief 1: Korak needs to be taken into custody before the Mundus Humanitas catches him, so that he can face due process of law.
  • Belief 2: If I can find the security hole, I can start finding those responsible for the EDA-6 disaster. I’ll help the Inquisitor in exchange for an open exchange of information.
  • Belief 3:
  • Instinct 1: Always tell the truth.
  • Instinct 2: When meeting someone new, regale them with war stories.
  • Instinct 3: Always read people’s mood.

Heiser Malamus, Chief Engineer – Recently returned to the planet of his childhood to complete the disastrous EDA project.

Viewed by many as an eccentric Genius (The Lord British of tech?) he returns to Coram to search for a way to free the planet from the Church, create something monumental and to do the impossible. Oh and find and connect to his lost past and family.


  • Belief 1: I will establish (weapons?) manufacture within and for the benefit of the Commune.
  • Belief 2: I will convince Korak that I am not his enemy.
  • Belief 3:
  • Instinct 1: Always have the proper tools at hand.
  • Instinct 2: Never speak plainly about technology.
  • Instinct 3: Go out of my way to appear devout if there’s any chance I’m being observed.

Kristhoff Van Der Meer, High Inquisitor ( Infiltration Human FoN)

Raised in the church, went up in the ranks of the inquisition, but was haunted by a personal failure offworld.  He’s looking to make up for the disaster offworld by mending the gulf between the Mundas Humanitas and the Cyreans – nonviolently.  


  • Belief 1: Korak was a good man, on some level I suspect he still is.  I will open negotiations with him.
  • Belief 2: The EDA 6 disaster cannot be repeated.  I will find the security flaw that allowed the saboteurs to access it.
  • Belief 3: There is nothing more dangerous or unpredictable than a Cotar Fomas- I will read him and see where his priorities lie.
  • Instinct 1: Always correct anyone who says “The Inquisition”
  • Instinct 2: Never out an informant.
  • Instinct 3:

Vaylen Figures of Note

Duke Brendan V (Invasion Vaylen FoN)

A hateful old man (52, but his deep wrinkles and heavy eyes make him look at least ten years older) bent on the destruction of the Cyrean heresy. He was born to rule and raised on a Core in the Kudus Theocracy (subject to change to match Kristin’s character). Thought a duke by title, he has transferred (rather than gave up) much of secular power and investments to Carom, which he now staunchly calls “his” world.

Brendan is a firm believer in burning out corruption, more with light than with fire. He holds all trials, all meetings, and all discussions in the Church of Ahmilahk in front of a congregation of Sodalis, Dregutai, and (now) Inquisitors.

7 years ago his daughter Elena was visiting with her son. A Cyrean riot broke out and she died in the crossfire. He has never forgiven the Cyreans for taking away his beloved daughter. He is now very close to his grandson, who he sees as the living memory of Elena.

More recently, after the Cyrean sabotage of the EDA6, he has told all those close to him that heresy is the greatest that exists, not only to the well being of Carom, but more importantly to the souls of the faithful, as their heresy may turn good men wicked. He is on the verge of declaring war against the heretics, despite the fact that it would mean a terrible civil war on Carom.


  • Belief 1: If your quarry goes to ground, leave no ground to go to. I’ll burn the safehouse that Kristof has found to show Korak the price of his crimes. The price his people will pay for him.
  • Belief 2: Kristoff is new to me and despite his reputation untested. I’ll have Draven monitor him to ensure his loyalty to Carom.
  • Belief 3:
  • Instinct 1: Always have discussions with an audience.
  • Instinct 2:
  • Instinct 3:

Korak (Infiltration Vaylen FoN), ex Cotar Fomas.

Korak was the Cotar Fomas until the riot 10 years ago, when he publicly revealed corruption within the church. His oration incited a riot from the people where many, including Elena, were killed. Korak disappeared for years, and was declared dead by the church. He reappeared however just before the EDA6 launch, and has been openly opposing the Mundus Humanitus every since. He has openly declared his support of the Cyrean’s.

More here to tie into Fattig’s character and possibly Shaun’s. Heiser’s remaining family members on the planet may be working secretly with Korak.

  • Belief 1: The Mundus Humanitus is extravagant beyond all reason. I will offer Artemis a ledger of their assets and lavish expenses if he agrees to arrange a meeting between the Darius and myself.
  • Belief 2:
  • Belief 3:
  • Instinct 1:
  • Instinct 2:
  • Instinct 3:

Darias, Imperial Diplomat. (Vaylen Usurpation FoN

Darius has been sent to the planet to make sure proper tithes are paid to the empire. He isn’t a tax collector personally, but the empire is sick of the Monarchy demanding more and more military resources and Darius has come to make sure they pay their due.

Whenever he speaks, he covered his lip with a finger, as though he was thinking on an idea. This is done to cover a birth defect (a cleft lip) and make others feel more comfortable looking at him.

More on this Darius to make sure his relationship with Shaun’s character is sufficiently complicated.

Heiser was in school with Darias and recognizes him as (secretly) a local Southern Commune citizen.


Kristhoff Van Der Meer arriving on planet and terrifying everyone.

Korak pulling a Dregus out of a church and inciting a riot after revealing his largess.

Thoughts on this game

I still need to do a bit more burning of my NPCs to get their beliefs and stats ready, but otherwise this game is a go!

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