Actual Play – A lovelorn Inheritance (7/8/2017)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Adrienne Mueller, Johnstone Mezger, Vex Godglove, Adam Bloom, Jeremy Tidwell, Stras Acimovic, Ross Cowman, Kathryn Hymes, and Andi Carrison.
System: Inheritance

Note that applies to the next six months of Actual Play reports: I fell way behind on my AP reports so these are written many moons later based off my notes. The accuracy will likely vary greatly! Also, this is just transcribed from my notes. Things may be out of order!

This was the scheduled game. Some of the highlights that remember:

  • Fulla, punctuating her description of the meal she was serving to interrupt the hostility brewing!
  • Gefyon making a mess in the feasting hall and throwing her drink aside, perhaps afraid it has been poisoned!
  • Ran and Aurvandil like¬†Pyramus and Thisbe speaking through the crack in the door at night, sharing their affections for each other.
  • Ran then going to the bed she shared with her mother and father, and hatching a plan to marry her.
  • Tyr, speaking with Gefyon and admitting that she made him a wiser man, and that even if he could not fathom her reasons, he would heed her omens.
  • Daxo, maimed by Aurvandil and left bleeding but alive, for his sins.
  • Mighty Thorvald, blind and deaf to the words of Daxo.

Intent reading and preparation

Lovers speaking through the doorway

Daxo maimed on the beach by his once boon companion

Our final cast shot…with me too!

This game was so good!