Actual Play – Alligator Alley (4/4/2010)

GM: Alan Hodges
Players: Jay, Joe, Sean and Travis
System: Changeling

First it must be said that EndGame’s minicon was a blast. Even if I hadn’t played in games (which I did) the whole event it full of fun. Carl Rigney had Jeni’s Ice Cream shipped in dry ice to the con. Chris and Anthony were great hosts. Ryan Macklin (you know, from the Internets) was there to promote Go Play SF Bay. Finally, Paul Tevis was up, which is always a treat. I got to see friends I game with, friends I only see at cons, folks I’ve gamed with once or twice and became reacquainted with, and folks I’ve never met but had a blast gaming with and that are now added to my growing roster of killer gamers. Overall, a great day of gaming and hanging out with cool people. And now… onto my report.

10 AM. A finger is missing.