SDM Design – Tell the GM what is going on (12/3/2014)

The adventure… as I presented it to Thor had a lot of history and a lot of challenges, but not a lot tying those two together. Reconciling this first required a lot of discussion between Thor and I about what actually did tie everything together (which meant filling in a lot of mental blanks of my own) and then adding these sections to the adventure:

Note to the GM

This [insert topic] is a touchstone to play off of. Feel free to add in your own details and make it yours.

What’s going on

A barebones version of the history on the mountain, recent events, the factions on the mountain, and their motivations.


The followers of  Kisha, Rava, Anala, and Namakambhari. The gods edicts and exceptions of their followers. The way the gods exist celestially (as myth and legend) and corporeally (as the physical mountain, the sun, the lakes, etc.)

Sharwa (people of the mountain) – Synchratic path of pulling in lowlander religion with their existing worship. Wearing artifacts that would not appear on the mountain (glass, tropical wood). Making them religious symbols.

What happens to the monks who shepherded the old ways when the Sharwa’s practices change based on influence from the lowlanders? No more clothes, tool, food, etc.

Some personalities withing the order. The abbot, his sister, and the cast out.

Personal Motivations

What does every NPC want? What do they need?

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