Narrative Control – Episode 83 – What would John Do?

Hi, and welcome back to the show! Over a year later and we’re back! John Harper came on the show to talk to me about how his gaming style affects his design and all the pieces of the venn diagram that make for a good times at the game table.

Note: There is occasional profanity during the episode, but nothing so egregious that I would add the explicit tag. Also this is a long one, over two hours. We’re making up for all the time we missed!

Host: Sean Nittner

Guests: John Harper

Length: 2:12:35

Inspired by Alex Roberts (Backstory) and Marcelo Ferrari (The Curators) to start recording again.

The Nuke
Trust in Me
Judd Karlman – The Githyanki Diaspora
The “What would John do?” direct play for John’s GMing advice for my game starts at 01:33:50!

Games we talked about:

Blades in the Dark
Apocalypse World
Burning Wheel

Games we referenced:

Blades in the Dark – Bloodletters (Actual Play | Youtube VODs)
Blades in the Dark – Doskvol Spectral Society (Actual Play)

Products we’re plugging:

Undying (Buy | Discuss | One Seven Design Hangout)

Cons we’re attending:

Origins (Sean)
Go Play NW (Sean and John)
Gen Con (Sean)
Big Bad Con (Sean and John)

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