Narrative Control – Episode 52 – Indirect Effects

Hi and welcome back to Narrative Control.  This week Fattig and I are responding to a blog post and follow up email from Loyd Case.  The topic: Indirect Effects.  Also, I’ve got some news about Neoncon, notably that I’m attending AND that I’ve started up a new show “This Just in… From Neconcon”.  Also, check out the official Iron GM.  The regional qualifiers tournament will be hosted at Neoncon.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Eric Fattig

Length: 30:16

Show Notes

[00:26] Introduction to the show – Indirect Effects from Improbable Insights.
[00:46] I’m going to Neoncon and I’ve got a show to go with it. This Just in…. From Neoncon.
[01:00] First show is an interview with Rone Barton about Iron GM.  The contest is still open.  If you’re going to NeconCon, sign up!
[01:52] Who is Loyd Case? How I met him?
[05:50] A reading from Loyd’s blog post. Or… where the show begins.
[06:33] We’ll be talking about indirect effects in terms of conflicts were number of actions is limited. (Combat rounds, scene economy, etc)
[08:10] Reminiscent of the Teamwork episode when we talked about the combo move merits.
Examples of Indirect Effects
[09:03] Burning Wheel – Linked Tests
[10:34] Fate – Blocks and Maneuvers
[12:26] Combat maneuvers common to many systems – Disarm, Grapple, Knockdown
[14:29] Dungeons & Dragons 4E – Conditions and movement.
[17:01] The appeal to the Indirect Effect. Richer fiction, more player collaboration, the fun of plan coming together.
[19:27] Indirect effects that change the playing field, open up new options, close off others or change the cost and benefit of existing options.
[20:26] A board game example: Attack cards in Dominion.
[22:42] Pitfals of indirect effects.  Delaying the awesome.  The moves not amounting to much.  Or the effect doing too much.
[27:04] GMs need to be mindful of intent with indirect effects.

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