Episode 1 – Interview with Rone Barton about Iron GM.

Hi and welcome to This Just in… From Neoncon.  This is our first pre-con show and it’s a good thing we putting it out now as you can still sign up for Iron GM at Neoncon!  Rone Barton, 1/3 of the magic that makes Iron GM was gracious enough to sit down with me for a few minutes and talk about the competition, future plans and what’s exciting at the con.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Rone Barton

Length: 22:43 | Download

Show Notes

[00:15] Our first This Just In… From Neoncon.  Talking about the regional Iron GM event hosted at the con.
[00:45] What is Iron GM?
[02:50] Iron GM makes rock stars out of GMs.
[04:17] Prize support for GMs and players! $6,000 of prize support being given away at NeonCon, as well as the winner getting a flight, hotel room and admission to Gen Con.
[05:58] Other regional events? Where else can Iron GM be found… We’ll have to wait a few days.
[07:22] The game system is 3.5 OGL, but what other options do we have?  My Life with Iron GM?
[10:15] Iron GM using other formats to suit other cons.
[11:58] Iron GM growing in the future.  More regional events.
[12:47] Getting Iron GM at your regional con.
[13:47] Iron GM going International
[14:40] Finns and Rone both have a love of palindromes.
[15:46] What’s Rone looking forward to at NeconCon?
[16:55] How to get Rone Baron Shiatsu at the con?
[17:29] Projects Rone is working on.  Citadel of Pain!
[19:41] Iron GM is extending into a podcast as well.
[21:29] Compete or be a judge at Iron GM at NeonCon.  There are still openings on the website: Iron GM

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