Narrative Control – Episode 44 – Creative Constraints

Welcome back to Narrative Control.  Fattig and I are back this episode talking about creative constraints.  We went old school on this one, back to an episode of Have Games Will Travel  in 2006 where two of my favorite Pauls were talking about it.  Well, before I get a head of myself, listen to the show!

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Eric Fattig

Length: 28:50

[00:27] Intro to the show. Two cons you should go to if you can:  DresdenCon – July 10th at EndGame in Oakland: Good Omens Con 4 – July 17th also at EndGame in Oakland:
[02:01] Boom! You’re in a room with nothing to do.  Of course Fattig figures something out!
[03:00] Creative constraints the stimulus to give your game texture and context.
[03:39] The conversation we’re continuing.  An interview with Paul Tevis and Paul Czege:
[05:33] Why constraints? How are they going to help you game?
[06:24] Why I’m afraid of games without constraints?  If nobody has a say in your character they don’t care about it.
[08:28] My experience with what happens when we start embracing those constraints.  Here’s the games that we’re playing that have put some constraints on us and made the game more fun because of it!
[09:47]  Dresden Files! Yes, it is real, go buy it NOW:   We talk about the novels and compels (big shock)
[15:07] Changeling – Harvesting emotions cause the players to reinforce the themes of the game.
[18:21] Flagship Atlantis – A con game where play style was put under pressure by external card mechanics added to the game:
[22:56] Lady Blackbird – PLAY THIS GAME! It’s free and it’s gorgeous:  Keys that point you in different directions, forcing characters to choose what they really care about.

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