Actual Play – Dudes and Douchebags (6/27/2010)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Players: Travis, Sean, Fattig, Alec, and Steve
System: Dungeons & Dragons 4E

This game started off fun. We can’t remember anything but this pervasive violet light that fills our vision. As it clears we find ourselves at a crossroad staring at a very vexed old man. He shouts “You had to do it didn’t you. You had to touch the orb! Fine. I’ve had enough of you. I’m leaving.” And with that the old man slipped through the last remaining bit of violet light and disappeared…

Leaving five adventures chillin. So we did exactly what you should do in D&D… we looked for some people that we could reasonably kill and take their stuff… and we did. Sadly it was goblins.

What rocked

It was fun to play with the tactile (and tactical) 4E mechanics again. Using powers, moving minis, all that stuff.

The intro was fun. We’re on an unknown world that we develop as we explore.

I had a lot of fun doing things (like killing goblins) due to what I believed (but couldn’t be sure) was a racial imperative.

When Travis suggested keeping one of the goblins hostage I was able to legitimately say “I can’t really say I remember when or why this happened, but I think I remember you doing this before… and it was a BAD idea.” Something I couldn’t say in other games where we just started playing new characters, but I knew the players tricks.

Travis has a psychotic and cute Halfling sorcerer. She reminds me of Maeve from Dresden.

Alec is playing a “Half”-Orc. Really, he’s half something else. He’s got the papers for it! Really!

Dwarves should not be able to jump 10’ straight up to get out of a pit…. But they can!

It was fun to have a very light hearted beer and pretzel game… All of our others are very high stakes and serious.

What could have improved

We had a lot of spread out fights that made being a defender hard. We also have a lot of push powers that made being a defender hard. We also had total chaos on the battlefield (regarding when to use what power and where) making being a defender hard… get the picture. Ah, but that said I still had run running around chopping the crap out of things with my big (and sometimes bigger) Axe.

Goblins. Really? Goblins? I’m jonesing for a displacer beast or some ogres or maybe even gnolls… Please let there be gnolls…

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  1. Dwarves should not be able to jump 10’ straight up to get out of a pit…. But they can!

    *shakes head*. You have to remember, characters in D&D are, and always have been, superheroes.

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