Kubla 2009 – Monday 5/25/2009

As always my Mondays at conventions are spent chilling out, perusing the dealers room and saying goodbye. It’s a shame really, that of four days, you really only get three to game, but I suppose every event has it’s “dead days”. When I go to Gen Con I plan on being there Wednesday – Monday so I can soak it all in, but that is a real rarity for me.

Monday 8:00 AM

The better half and I woke up, got dressed, packed and then headed downstairs for some breakfast. We spotted Cassie just before her game started, chatted with her and Brent some and then meandered.

Monday 9:00 AM

We checked Wasabi out from the Game Library again and played it with just the two of us. Kevan came down about half way through and we talked about the game and the con, a nice way to wrap things up.

Monday 11:00 AM

My mom showed up with the kids, on time, which was great. We headed home, hit some traffic and then basically passed out, exhausted from the weekend. I rode my bike around a bit for exercise and then prepared to play L5R in the night.

Thanks Kubla folks, for another awesome con.