GenCon – Part 1 (Tuesday, 8/11/2009)

Finally work was done. Those two days were 16 solid hours of misery as I prepped for GenCon. Thankfully only work was a drag. Friends and family made the prep bearable if not outright fun at times.

I had no idea what to pack. First instinct was to bring the world. All my game books that I might get signed by the authors. Lots of board games to play if we got bored in our room. End result. Forget it all. I wanted room to bring the swag back!

I opted to bring all the gear for my Mouse Guard pedagogy (which weighs a ton) as well as A Penny for my Thoughts, post-it’s for memory triggers and a little Tupperware bowl of pennies. I realized I was sorely lacking in geek shirts. A problem I aimed to rectify.

Late Tuesday night I started reading Adam Jury’s blog (GenCon tips) and realized if I wanted to network with people I really needed business cards. And my work cards probably weren’t going to do it. So, 2AM I’m over at longs and picked up a nice package for printing business cards you can punch out and still look pretty sharp. Thank you Microsoft Publisher for making the design REALLY easy. I think this is the first time Publisher has ever impressed me.

4AM, I was thinking about things I need to bring, but I needed to get up in a few hours to take the kids to school before I got picked up to go to the airport, so I commanded myself to sleep… Or at least tried.

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