Fun con energy in the air

It’s the evening before KublaCon and I can feel the anticipation in the air.

I’ve been packing since I got home, my podcast gear, Burning Wheel/Gift props, books, and such, my laptop, props for other people… and oh yeah, clothes, toiletries, vitamins, etc. Around 8:00 I headed out to pick up Elderflower juice (for the Elves) and Root Beet (for the Dwarves). I bumped into , and in talking to him bumped into and company. We talked quite a bit until another Kubla goer showed up and we talked some more, about the shortage of LARPs, the games we were interested in and such.

Later when I got home came by to drop off some artichokes and we talked some about our Kubla plans.

Following that I headed over to ‘s house to drop off a cowboy hat and we talked a little more.

It just feels like the town is buzzing with excitement for Kubla. Christmas for adults.

And now… I’m gonna go pack a few pairs of underwear and hit the sack. Hope to see you at the con!

The next morning and hubby picked me up to take me to the con.  Super cool.

Edit: fixed a link and added my ride into.

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