Dusting off the cobwebs

Like everyone else I’m struggling to find an online home after the inevitable crash, or more likely just complete and utter toxification of Twitter. I’ve tried out Mastadon and Hive and so far neither have really clicked for me. I think Hive might be the place once there is a desktop version, but as long as it’s mobile only, it’s not really usable by me. Many other alternatives have been offered, but the one that resonated with me the most was John Scalzi’s tweet

Followed by the article where he elaborates on the merits on an artisan web: https://whatever.scalzi.com/2022/11/25/how-to-weave-the-artisan-web/

So, I’m going to give a shot. Who knows, if folks really start posting on their blogs a lot, maybe we’ll resurrect Google Reader.

A funny thing happened this Thanksgiving

On Thanksgiving we went over to my sister’s house to break bread with her. She married into a Greek family that is very large and if not very religious, still a lot more religious that I am. Generally not a subject that comes up often, but this time I really tried to swallow my whole foot.

We arrived at 1PM and started helping. My mom, who probably arrived a day or two before, was in the kitchen getting things ready and so it was an easy fit to join her. I like to feel useful and also…there was a lot of people there, so my introverted self was happier in the kitchen.

When the food was ready, we brought it all out and setup an amazing buffet. A feast!

The food was out and folks were standing around. I made a few encouraging jests “okay, let’s start eating” but other than a few smiles, nobody responded. So I thought I’d start the feast!

I was midway through the table, when I realized nobody was behind me… I looked up and saw the were all standing in a circle quietly waiting—you guessed it—to say grace.

What? What? What?

I’m not so uncouth as to eat while someone is saying grace, but I figured that was something they would do at the table before eating. Somehow the 20 other people there had figured this out and I hadn’t.

So I did the only thing possible. I crept back into the circle, cast my head down, and tried not to die of embarrassment as my much younger cousin gave thanks for the food and said grace. <dying inside>

Can’t get any worse

The upshot? After that there was really nothing that I could do (or anyone else could do) that was more embarrassing. At one point someone knocked over a vase, spilled water and flowers everywhere, and I was like “well, at least you didn’t start eating before folks said grace!”

Sometimes I make a mistake and I’m just too mortified, but when I can laugh about it, it feels much better. Something about taking ownership of my own gaff.

How were your holidays? Any silly stories you want to share?

4 thoughts on “Dusting off the cobwebs”

  1. I use Feedly and still follow blogs. Good to see you posting – always waiting for more Blades in the Dark news. I had bread thrown at me for being disagreeable which led to water being spilled onto electronics at the other end of the table. Family, gotta love ’em.
    *retreats back to the shadows*

  2. Your blog is on my Feedly favorites too! Ah yes the cultural ritual aspects of food are ripe for tripping up. This makes me think of how this could be used in TTRPGs with groups in fantasy or sci-fi encountering other cultures upsetting the hosts.

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