Buy the Toner. Get the Laundry.

I got home from work today (yay, capitalism, yep, I’m working on the 4th even though I’m technically off today, this was the best chance to get work done on-site because nobody was there)…where was I? Oh, I got home from work today with a half dozen tasks I wanted to complete before calling it a day.

  • Buy toner for our printer
  • Cut the edges from my Girl by Moonlight jumpstart booklet so it looks extra snazzy.
  • Save GBM zine creator contracts that were sent my way.
  • Confirm scholarship applications were recieved.
  • Find an editor for a new game ready to go to playtest (can’t announce it yet, but it’s cool).
  • Grab the laundry from the drier and fold it.
  • Reformat laptops that were turned in at work to use as loaners (I knew I wouldn’t finish the work, but I wanted to get them setup in my home office, so when I go in there tomorrow they will visible and ready for me to start)
  • Respond to half a dozen emails that came in between me leaving work and getting home.
  • More? Possibly, but those are the ones I remember.

I got home, showed off the Jumpstart to Karen (see the pic below, it looks cool), pet the pupper, and started working. I did those things (or most of them), but then other things came up as well. I’ve also got to:

  • Create a Discord server for the GBM Zine creators
  • Follow up on the Deathmatch Island limited edition covers.
  • Get GBM Pledge management configured
  • Update the Big Bad Con crowdfunding page.
  • Confirm next steps on a few other projects in development (sorry, can’t talk about those either).
  • Put away the dishes

And as all these interrupt tasks are being interwoven with the original tasks and pushing them back, I keep thinking that I’m forgetting something. So I head down to my office muttering my last two (original) tasks under my breath “Buy the Toner. Get the Laundry. Buy the Toner. Get the Laundry. Buy the Toner. Get the Laundry.” All more or less the same way they said “Save the Cheerleader. Save the World” in season one of Heroes.

I kept saying that under my breath as I setup the laptops (not something I was saying but I had them in hand so it was easy to remember), and as I bought the toner, and as I got the laundry.

In fact, I kept saying both things even after I bought the toner. And then I kept saying both things after I had bought the toner and picked up the laundry. And I told myself I could stop saying them because they were done, but my brain was in a loop and it refused to believe there wasn’t more to do. Because of course there was more to do…just not those things.

I think my brain is so accustomed juggling many things at once, that even when there aren’t a dozen things to do, it cycles through stuff like there is!

Is this how brains work?

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