Actual Play – Werewolf: The Apocalypse (12/14/2008)

System: Werewolf: The Apocalypse

You know, the way the schedule is we have 3 games in 24 hours. Werewolf Sunday Night, PTA for Monday lunches, and then 7th Sea Monday night. Crap. I don’t think I even played that much in high school. Well this week no 7th Sea because of the holidays and all, but it is still baffling to think about.

Werewolf was fun last night. We had a couple firsts. First use of a Wyrm Tainted fettish. First challenge for leadership. First change in leadership. We finally bought the Hotel. And maybe, just maybe, Francois is going to learn about the right of binding.

What rocked:

The vomiting French man who just saw the umbra. That was sweet. Very good role-playing by Javert and Yvette.

The aforementioned challenge. It was cool to see how it worked.

Being “compelled” by the wyrm to fuck shit up really bad. My character, who already has anger management issues, really lost it on this spirit possessed werewolf. I messed him up something fierce. Fun times. Francois earned some black veins and some white fur out of the ordeal. Woot, battle scars are wicked cool.

T did a really good job of planting the seeds for a conflict and then letting us discover it. I really liked that the trouble we got into was because of something we instigated rather than because it was jammed down our throats. Cough*7th Sea*Cough*Module*Cough.

Francois really had a moment of uncertainly. Side with the logical and probably right Races with Winds who he had just been getting close to or back his Alpha, who was probably being tainted by the Wyrm. It was actually a tough decision, I ended up having the players roll, but still, it was hard. It is cool when characters (players for that matter) are put in that position. In retrospect I really could have seen Francois going either way. I wonder what that says about him?
Real Garou. Francois, or Stops the Curb as he’s going by these day, saw Real World and though it would be perfect for the Questing Pack. A sort of “what is the world of the questing pack like” show. I think it will be awesome.

My Borg wear got fixed up all skippy, and then… freaking destroyed again! By me. Awesome!

Francois walking around naked… A lot. Fun times.

What could have been improved:

The storyteller was late so the game was short. Not his fault really, he had shit to do, but still meant we didn’t get all the things done that we wanted t to do. We talked about some of the loose ends over lunch and I think they may just end up happening off screen and pull them in next game anyway.

I really wanted to be more graphic about how I messed up the Garou. I wanted it to show how dirty and ruthless a fighter Francois is. My bad for not narrating it. Next time I need to focus more on the “look” of my moves and less on the maneuvers. Speed is important in this game. We’ve got 7 players!

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