Actual Play – PTA (12/15/2008)

GM: Sean Nittner
System: Primetime Adventures

We did lunch this time at Burgers and Brew. It meant more driving time and a shorter game. But, we managed to finish up the pilot episode, so I was happy. Total episode is looking like 3 opening scenes (no real conflict). 6 body scenes (with conflicts) and 3 closing montages (no conflicts). I think we can do that in two lunches.

What rocked:

We figured out the above format. Something that makes for ½ hour show. Like South Park or the Office.

It is getting easier to jump into the game. We started playing while eating, and it was pretty smooth.

The recap. Definitely reviewing what happened last time reminded us of what was going on and helped me create urgency (in the form of a health inspector and the chemical fire).

Gonzo wackiness. I really liked the health inspector actually warming up to the total loser Kevin. It was awesome.

Player narration. I didn’t get the high card every time this episode. Woot!

Mr. Bawls imaginary friend. The Drug Dealers and Gerald. All fun NPCs.

What could have been improved:

Setting stakes, driving towards conflict, etc. I definitely feel like I need to know more what a scene is about. These stakes don’t have to be big. They can just be “do I look like an ass” but they do need to be something that (however petty) the characters care about. I need to be better about articulating them.

I think that instead of me thinking about an external conflict (a.k.a. the health inspector). We should talk before the game about what that show is going to be about. It could be as simple as “the Christmas show” or the Show where Vernon drives around all episode in his friend’s car.

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