Actual Play – Voodoo for You Too! (5/23/2011)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Steve, Alec, Fattig and Chris
System: Dresden Files

This game introduced two complications to the story.

Raoul’s connection with the Loa.

In case I didn’t make it patently obvious, one of the Loa now possesses a woman and this is throwing off the natural order of things.
A few steps have been made by different parties to restore this order. One practitioner has raised the bodies of the fallen drug dealers and sent his black magic bokor mojo after the Loa to send her back. These were encountered in a very posh restaurant and a fun fight broke out where the Knight of Winter put everyone into a deep slumber so the rest of the heroes could put some hurt on the zombie hordes.

The Loa, themselves have responded too. Papa Legba has called upon his emissary to allow one of the Loa to possess him to offer him some understanding of the situation as well as the power to address it.

Rose’s ailing father

Rose was called into see her father, who had just woken up and was still in intensive care (he had suffered severe, moderate and mild consequences in the fight with Armand). Mr. Itsuaki looked to be hanging onto life, but still carried with him a purpose, to put Rose in his place, to carry on his legacy.

Rose faltered and then fought back, she stuck to her duties as an officer at first, but finally relented, her father’s dying wish, and she conceded and offered to become head of security. As though her surrender sparked new life into Mr. Itsuaki, he smiled and seemed more comfortable.

What rocked

We had a zombie fight and it was cool. The zombies were even outnumbered (a twist) and still put up a fight. There was one exchange in particular that was particularly awesome. Rose had taken a maneuver to get one of them (Yann) “In her signts” She then fires, right in the back of his head. He slumps forward but a moment later lurches back to “life”. A shot that should have killed any man (Remember Rose is a pure mortal and still getting the grasp of the supernatural business)! Moments later using his “Incite Respect” power Raoul tells Yann to give up on his mission, leave the woman alone. I thought about it for a moment, given that the only reason Yann was brought back to this world was to bring the Loa back with him, giving up was as good as dying so I counted that as a social attack, which coupled with consequences like “A Hole in the Head” (only moderate for a zombie) and “Disoriented” was enough to put him over the edge. He took off the bracelet, the charm that animated his body and dropped to the ground dead. Again.

Raoul took to Marie/Marinette as any gentleman should. He wined and dined her, and accurately, never thought for a moment she meant him harm. Which, though she puts him in danger is true. She was drawn to him because he speaks to the Loa and she hoped he could protect her (justifying her murder as “righteous” as though that would settle the matter with the SFPD). I was really happy that Chris didn’t jump the gun with her and draw down.

Remington continues to go further in dept with Mab. This time to protect the innocent people in a restaurant. No good deed goes unpunished, or at least unpaid for. I’m biding my time to call in those “favors”.

Finally, we got some good old fashioned police work down. V.C. arrested David Walberg for assault on an officer and possible connection with the murder of the dealer Ringo

What could have improved

My pacing, as usual could be better. I want to get Raoul in the middle of all the Loa business and it ended up taking several sessions (this AP report is quite late) before I did.

Also, work needs to be done of fleshing out APEC. Like I don’t want them to perpetually be the unknown organization. I need to flesh out some specific agendas for the major players (notably Daiske and Mr. Itsuaki).


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