Actual Play – This Ends Now (6/25/2010)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Players: Sean, Travis, Fattig and Kristin
System: Dresden Files

The red court vampire Hernandez has put a hit on Saul Kaufman. Can his friend’s keep him alive when it turns out Hernandez is a guest of Maltheus, the Black Court monster with a hereditary hunger for Kaufman blood?

Yep, that’s the adventure in a pulp novel. Highlights included Sauls mom being the most disappointed Jewish mother on the planet. Sven trying so hard to protect Saul and constantly having his mark disappear. Jameson backing Saul’s plan of telling vampires “how it’s gonna be!” because he had pulled it off with Jameson’s sister Isabella.

Who is the Master of Bater Field? (yeah, that was gratuitous). It looks like Donnie. He messed up a sorcerer and his red court buddies. Wait… Sven hit one with a car. Two points there. And Jameson got all silver eyed and hungry tearing them up. Hard to say. I had fun using a sock with a rear view mirror stuffed inside as a bludgeon.

Final Scene – inside the Metal Clown pavilion that is home of the Black Court and his Red Court guests just as the ground suddenly polarizes and a flash of lightning strikes the metal coffin we’re all occupying. And mom said Thaumatury was never good for anything!

What rocked

I enjoyed getting to pull off a pretty big spell, that was fun.

Having everyone eventually agree to a stupid, stupid plan is always great.

Driving Sven crazy by being impossible to protect.

Finding out Gard is Sven’s handler… and then having him deputize Donnie with a high power rifle.

I’m seriously going to drop a giant lightning bolt onto a Ferris Wheel… that should be epic.

What could have improved

I’ve got to read the magic system over again… I keep doing it just as I try to cast a spell and it’s slowing the game down.

I realize I don’t have a good sense of what geomancy should do. My whole idea of aligning energies sounds great on paper when we’re talking about doing feng shui but it’s been hard to apply what I think are reasonable applications in game. Any suggestions on this front would be appreciated.

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