Actual Play – The Hand of Kotar (6/4/2017)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Karen Twelves, Eric Fattig, and Adrienne Mueller
System: Blades in the Dark

Put a box in an game and a PCs ins going to open it. Unless it contains the Hand of Kotar and secured accordingly (blabbermouth Roric!). We played an extra session, and a long one at that. The Society allied with Roric to go to the lost district (it’s what he wanted), delivered him and the box to Lord Sukur in the lost district, and then spent some downtime in his deathlands estate.

Some highlights:

  • Griggs, won over by Ro, showed them a secret spirit well (which she hid even from the other Gondoliers) and used it to help Yadvyga transition back from the ghost field (though she got up to 3/4 ghost in the process).
  • Griggs also revealed that the spirit well was filled with deformed and damaged spirits, literally fed on by other ghosts to maintain their sanity. And this was how Roric became Reconciled!
  • On their way out of the city, as their barge got close to the lightning barrier there was a shot across their bow as another ship tried to sink them. First mate of the Ironmast,¬†Kamelin Prichard!
  • Jadvyga researched the Hand of Kotar (with help from dean Thena Hellyers) and finding out that it can severe a demon’s hold on a mortal. Sparky! [2/6 Ticks]


  • Coin: 6 (Sukur paid them in actual old imperial coin)
  • Rep: 5
  • Heat: 6
  • Entanglement: Demonic Notice (A being appeared in the form of a lightning storm wreaking havoc on the lightning generators in an attempt to expose Arquo, the agent of Seterra to the hungry dead).

What Rocked

It was super cool having adventures out in the Deathlands and I’m excited that once they saw it the Society was like “oh yeah, this is our next claim!”



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