Actual Play – The Fuck Flash (1/16/2015)

Apocalypse WorldMC: Sean Nittner
Players: Jennifer B. Warner, Karen Twelves, Erin Sara DiPeso, an Avi Warner.
System: Apocalypse World

The world died a hundred years ago. We are all who remain… wait, wait, wait. Before all that, this was my first timing gaming with Avi, and I think only my 2nd or third time gaming with Erin Sara and Jen. Yay for gaming with new peeps.

Okay… onto the Fuck Flash.

Some time ago… before grandma there was a solar event, it just burned out everything. We all died. Most of us. and the few that didn’t had to weather a seemingly eternal summer. Now the sun was cooling again and going outside was possible once more, but the world was a baked shell of it’s past. That… and sometimes the sun still visited you in Fuck Flash!

Our Crew

Brace, the brainer, dressed in acrtic wear that concealed their gender and their slight frame. When visible Brace’s eyes were always wet, their face pale. Like many brainers Brace just showed up in places. In this case they had a purpose though, moving drugs from their dealer Look in The Sky to Burnt Rock and setting up sales there.

Nils, the savvyhead. Fucking weird. She stole shit like pear trees because she said she needed them for her inventions. Do you know how rare a fucking pear tree is? When she opened her brain she saw how things fit together, or how they didn’t. And when the didn’t she wanted to fix them. She “fixed” shit really well. Nils saved Frankie’s ass from Tum Tum and his gang, so she was cool.

Frankie was the driver. Living on the open road, taking shit between the holdings in her sweet ride. A converted camper van. Plenty of room to live in the back and store cargo. Right now she had boxes of dry ice and there used to be squid oil too, until someone fucked that up.

Kickskirt, ah, why does your shitty MC always have to fuck it up and call you Kickstart? All long legs and arms, and armed with a sniper rifle to boot. A true battlebabe, great a getting into trouble, and at least making it out alive. Wary of Nils, that chick was crazy, and keeping an eye on her.

Fuck Flash


Our Little Apocalypse

They were all high tailing it out of Burt Rock on the way to The Sky. Look was there with a deal for Brace, and Frankie still had her dry ice in the back of the truck. That hadn’t left on peaceful terms. When Frankie didn’t have all the squid ink Tum Tum wanted, he was pissed off. Wanted what she had but didn’t want to pay for it. Nils jumped in and sprayed something nasty, acid or some shit like that in Shithead and Wisher’s faces, burning them bad, before they both high tailed it out.

Left in so much of a hurry, the didn’t fuel up.

So that’s where we opened. Frankie’s ride rolling down an exit ramp off the freeway,  the one that still stood, and dying right there on the edge of a steep hill above the tar pits. Frankie knew Gremlin lived out here, just over that hill or another, and would have gas. But Gremlin was mad Nils (for stealing her fucking pear tree!) and tended to drive a hard bargain. Oh and she had this dog, mean old thing, on a chain.

The dog barked at them like crazy. Kickskirt, still back at the truck shot the dog and it dropped. Gremlin came out from all the noise (of the dog, not Kickskirt, her rifle was silenced) and shit started rolling down hill. Brace killed the dog (it was bleeding out anyway) and hid it. Frankie started sweet talking preacher and managed to make a trade. Some sex, that was the sweet talking, and some squid ink for gas.

It took time though, and in that time Kickskirt noticed dust clouds on the horizon. Tum Tum hadn’t forgotten about them, and he had rounded up two armored jeeps to come after them.

Wild ass shit happened. Frankie played chicken with a jeep and jumped on the hood. Shithead fought her on the roof and would have run a knife right through her if it hadn’t gotten caught up in the boning of the corset part of her wedding dress.. oh yeah, Frankie wore a wedding dress all the time, pretty awesome. She eventually got inside, but was shot by the passenger. It was a bit ugly. Meanwhile the other jeep was busy ramming her parked truck off the side of the embankment when Brace and Kickskirt got in the mix. It went ugly for a while, Brace was being dragged around outside the jeep by a foot, the truck went down the embankment, and it was looking grim. But these are some dangerous fuckers here. The took the jeep with them down the hill and survived the roll, more than can be said for the fuckers inside.

We ended with Frankie claiming the armor plated jeep as her new ride and Brace in a Psychic Maelstrom coma from a brainer bomb gone wrong. Nils went into her workshop and opened her mind to figure out how to get him out. Awesome.

Thoughts of this Game

Man, I am rusty at barfing fort the apocalyptica. Several of my setting details were either borrowed (like the dog having a second set of subcutaneous membranes) or were a little too gross for the table (I kept talking about people’s faces. To many details about cheeks and teeth).

The Good

Shit changed. Irrevocably. Frankie’s ride was gone but she had a new one. Gremlin knew her dog was dead and wouldn’t be fooled again. Tum Tum was dust, which meant Omie Wise was going to take over Burnt Rock. Look was their only hook up for a job, but Brace needed to wake the fuck up if they ever wanted to find her. Kickskirt, our battlebabe, was unfazed. All was well.

Avi, who kicked this off by saying he’d like to play a game with us, wanted to play again!

The Bad

I made some dumb calls with regards to Frankie. Erin Sara did a totally awesome driver move of jumping onto a moving jeep, fighting her way inside and taking it over. When she did, she wanted to use the “A no shit driver” move to add the jeeps stats to her rolls. I ruled that until the jeep was claimed as “hers” either with an advancement or because she gave up on the camper truck, it didn’t have any stats. I feel like I rules lawyered that shit for no good reason, and in retrospect should have just stat’d it up, or let Erin Sara do it, and given her the mods. Bad Call Nittner

The Ugly

There was this point when Jennifer asked “So, when (maybe “how”?) do I get to make some rolls?” It just about broke my heart. Here I was yacking and yacking and forgetting to make sure that she had some good screen time. I was biffing it hard. After that I asked her some questions, and that led to some action. Better, but not great. I’m sorry about that Jenny B.

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