Actual Play – Season Three (7/11/2017)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Karen Twelves, Eric Fattig, and Adrienne Mueller
System: Blades in the Dark

Note: I fell way behind on my AP reports so these are written many moons later based off my notes. The accuracy will likely vary greatly! Also, this is just transcribed from my notes. Things may be out of order!

This game kicked off our “Season 3”. Not coincidentally, it’s also when they became Tier 3, which had several implications for the crew. We progressed the timeline significantly to account for them securing the hold in the lost district as well as the crew growing in numbers.

Payoff (from the last score)

  • Turf: Sukur’s old estate, a lightning field protected manor in the Deathlands.
  • Coin: 4 (They could have plundered much more but that would have imperiled the claim)
  • Rep: 3 (At the time, Circle of the Flame was one Tier higher than them)
  • Faction status: Circle of the Flame -1, Roric +1 (Yep, Roric gets a faction, he represents others…)
  • Heat: 3
  • Entanglements: Gang Trouble. The Spectral Defenders (wild) through a crazy seance that got out of hand.


Elke, after months of captivity in Bellweather, and finally breaking through Maury that she could be more use to them on the outside than in a cell, was released on paroll, and given mission to find the interloper trying to infiltrate the Spirit Wardens.

Jadvyga had to go out on the Nightbreaker and prove that the amulet prevents someone from having their soul forcibly removed. She did this by standing on the deck of the ship as they faced the Eater of Dreams. In order to survive Jadvyga swore oaths to the Leviathan Hunters so they would protect her. (Clock: Promises due to the Leviathan Hunters 1/4)

Harland was released from Ironhook, not the same man he was. Brie came out as a member of the True Path, traumatized as well. She quickly joined the crew. Thought not a student, that was at this point a trivial formality.

Hix had been running the Spectral Society (as everyone else was gone) by delegating all decisions to the student patrol. Ogre had been stepping in to run things, intercepting  bad news before it got to her, and taking care of it the best he could. Stras, missing Harland also grew restless as the crew had changed. Instead of leading the crew she dedicated herself to finishing the work for Oilweather, scribing his stories of the Severosi and spreading the word of his classes to bring students into his lectures (Long term project: 8/8 ticks complete!)

Harland attended the lecture and found Hix at the back of the hall, sending encouraging nods to Oilweather. The reunited and returned to the Cat and Candle. With the help of Thena Hellyers (the dean) Harland reasserted himself as an associate professor but agrees to do take part in a fundraiser for the school (Devil’s Bargain). Harland is appointed an office in Morlan Hall… all the other staff are terrified of him.

Elke returns to the Cat and Candle as Hix and Harland argue over seating assignments for the fundraiser. She showed up, said hi, then immediately passed out for 18 hours. When she woke she caught up with everyone. They talked about places to live now that they were out. Somewhat randomly they heard from Bazran that Setarra showed up at the Cat and Candle once (though he didn’t know it was her) and took one of their chipped mugs.

Gang Trouble: It turned out Thistle, Ring, and Lynthia were all fighting with each other. Rather than find out what it was about, Elke yelled at them all to stop fighting, and the was the end of it (for now…)

Elke also setup a business model for the ethical trafficking of spirits, allowing them to serve the patrons of the Six Arms without being chopped up or otherwise exploited. The started offering seances as well as matching up ghost and human desires for services. The Whispers keeping the ghost inline and turning the Six Arms into an invitation only club to keep the clients on the level. Nyryx was put in charge, and he focused on adding his own personal touch (read: lots of hot sex) to the place.

Jadvyga was the last to return (from her time on the Nightbringer) and they held up a sign they painted for her and said “We made a sign!” It was adorable. She came back with presents for everyone!

When the crew was restored…the stories started coming out. Both Elke and Jadvyga blame themselves for Arquo’s death, they should have never let him get caught up with Setarra.

New Members of the Crew

  • Brie, recidivist, member of the True Path.
  • Anselm, Stormchaser.
  • Irlelen, returned to school by joining.
  • Lyra, Rosalind’s, struggling to keep up with the life.
  • Various soldiers from Sukur’s estate.
  • More students.
  • Friends from Ironhook (Rail Jacks, Deathlands Scavengers, Ex-Hive members)

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