Actual Play – Owlbear unchained (5/26/2015)

Skull and ShacklesGM: Sean Nittner
Players: Karen Twelves, Meg Pressley, Rocko Moran, and Adrienne Mueller
System: Pathfinder
Adventure Path: Skull and Shackles

Day 5

Jack Scrimshaw ran up to the top decks with dread in his eyes. “Rats. Huge Rats in the bildge”

Our brave heroes went down there and with a combination of magic and might slayed the dire rats, but not before being bitten first!

Are you not entertained?

Brought from the officers quarters came Owlbear Hawthorn, a half blind brute who had been tarred and feathered. He aped about the deck making silly noises to get a laugh, before Plugg set him about to beat up any contenders. Anand stepped up and pummeled him squarely.

Owlbear HarshronOther interactions

  • Ambrose – Attitude changed to Helpful
  • “Caulky” Tarroon – Attitude changed to Friendly
  • Shivikah –¬†Attitude changed to Friendly

XP Awarded

  • 200 (Dire Rats!)
  • 50 (Davey getting back his gear)
  • 50 (Vyv getting back their gear)
  • 100 (Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop Helpful)
  • 100 (Defeating Owlbear Hawthorn)

Total gained: 500.
New XP Total: 1325