Actual Play – Kagematsu (6/17/2017)

Facilitator: Sean Nittner
Kagematsu: Angela Robertson
Townswomen: Greg Klein, Anna Langlinais, Geoffrey Becker, Jeff Kosko, and Sean Nittner
System: Kagematsu by Danielle Lewon

Another game of Kagematsu at Games on Demand. Yes!

Angela signed up because she said she wanted to run the game herself and wanted to learn the system. So what better way than to be Kagematsu!

Angela was so wonderful!

Some of my highlights:

  • Kagematsu being very slow to respond with whether or not an affection was granted… Angela teased it out wonderfully.
  • One of the townswomen trying to frame a scene and then being reminded that only Kagematsu can do that.
  • Angela reveling in the the power she held!
  • How Kagematsu turned two of our tailors against each other!
  • Once again, playing an irreverent townswman. This time a rice farmer who spent all day gossiping and smoking tobacco with a friend behind the shed.
  • The difference in outcomes. Last game we defeated the threat, and Kagematsu left with the one he loved move (me!). This game tow of the townswomen (myself and Jeff’s character) sacrificed themselves and the town’s fear was still too great. Kagematsu died, the village was burned down by bandits, and everyone had to flee. This game delivers!

What Rocked

See above!

Also, now Angela is going to run it for her group. Yay!

What could have improved

That cherry danish thing I brought (see pic below)… that was a sticky mistake.

I probably should try playing a character that isn’t just a troublemaker sometime. Sometime…

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