Actual Play – Ghost Court, Marion County (8/4/2016)

ghost_court_logo_01 (1)Players: Many, living and dead
System: Ghost Court

As Hot Guys Making Out wrapped up we quickly transitioned into a game of Ghost Court!

All Rise! Again!

As always Ghost Court was silly and fun and silly. James had managed to round up a wig, and we used a black tablecloth as the judge’s robes.

As expected… Ghost Court was wonderful, thought that case of the half-ghost child custody still confuses the heck out of the plaintiff! (Perhaps as intended!)

What Rocked

Jerry’s amazing Brittish accent as judge… and with the shroud over him!

Kristin’s great life coaching (or in this case death coaching) for the plantiffs and defendants.

Ross. Judge Cowman is imposing indeed!

What Could have Improved

Kate and I were supposed to have a trial with each other but she had to run out and take a call. My case ended tears. Coincidence? I think not!

2 thoughts on “Actual Play – Ghost Court, Marion County (8/4/2016)”

  1. I had tons of fun with Ghost Court! I enjoyed being a plaintiff, even if the court didn’t find entirety in my favor. It’s impressive how easily everyone even in such a large group could find a shared fiction in so little time based on so few instructions and a general layman’s knowledge of court procedure.

    My only suggestion would be a bit more variety of case types. We had mostly civil (disputes between two parties) as well as domestic, but how about some criminal? Besides the defendant, characters could include defense attorney, prosecutor, witnesses, jury, etc.

    1. Hi McGravin, yeah I love the game as well. The game seeks to emulate shows like People’s Court and Judge Judy, so all civil cases about people who are just unable to get along. 🙂

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