Actual Play – Fiasco: Suburbia (4/22/2010)

Players: Travis, Alec, Fattig and Sean
System: Fiasco

Two words: Cash Money! (actually spelled Cash $ by the character)

Our first attempt at Fiasco was a beautiful, awesome and awful fiasco. It revolved around a cement drive way and siding salesman named Terry, his young son William, his third wife that both he and William were sleeping with and a cock fighting bookie named Cash $.

Our first scenes started out ridiculous as William accidentally happened upon his step mom gambling in a seedy duplex with Cash $, and some stoner named Tommy the Tweaker. William came in to prime Cash $ for his dad’s sales pitch (the old father-son routine) but when he saw his step mom, everything went to hell.

Some notable scenes/quotes.

  • “Cash $ takes cash money only.”
  • “Stick it in the Money Pot.”
  • Cash $ running around in nothing but his underwear with a handgun holstered in his briefs.
  • The feds showing up and thinking Terry was a criminal named “The Graveler” who buried bodes under his cement driveways.
  • Terry breaking in the morgue to get his son laid one way or the other.
  • Cindy nearly making out with the football team, only to find out they were trying to kidnap he because of the lotto jackpot she just won.
  • William being his normal awkward self and women were attracted to him because of the internet videos of him and Cindy making out.
  • Terry telling the same girls “Now my boy is straight so he can’t do both of you girls at the same time, he’ll have to fuck you sequentially”
  • Cash $ in the end finally having his dying wish fulfilled: Two guys on one girl. A sex act renamed “The Cash $”

What rocked

I laughed so hard at Cash $ it hurt. Hell, I laughed at all of us so hard it hurt.

There was never any difficulty figuring out who had narrative authority. We all just went with the first thing someone said that sounded cool. At one point we had a super fast vote on one outcome and then flew from there.

Death, as it turns out, has nothing to do with how well you turn out. Cash $ was shot (a few times) and died in Act 2 but he became a cultural hero and his seedy duplex was made a historical monument.

What could have been improved

Wow, were we juvenile and gratuitously violent. This wasn’t as bad as our first Penny game, but I considered not writing an AP on it because I didn’t want to offend people reading this. As is, I left some of the worst parts out.

There was some times when we struggled to make any sense of the scenes we created. The narrative just became too wacky. We did fine in the end but sometimes we were really stretching. I think a big reason for this is that we didn’t know what the crime was going to be so we all kept throwing out potential crimes. We ended with lots of crime that weren’t the focus and a not-crime (i.e. the feds with bad intel) being in the spotlight. Very “Burn after Reading”.

Two of the characters (William and Cindy) lacked direction in the beginning and so they ended up in scenes with nothing to push for. Cindy became just a oversexed nympho when I know Travis wanted to do more with her than that. William was practically in shock most of the game and when he did do things “like pull a gun on his dad and demand he answer ‘Who’s the man dad? Who’s the MAN’” it was funny but a bit too late for him to actually push for something he wanted.

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