Actual Play – Fell Citadel (9/29/2016)

dungeon_world_finalGM: Edmund Metheny
Players: Sophie Lagacé, Karen Twelves, Adrienne Mueller, and Sean Nittner
System: Dungeon World
Setting: Land of 10,000 Gods

From the Scribe Adrienne:

– Arrive at tower. Basin filled with gnoll army or Mirror Kanta. Not sure how to cross. Rahi consults Vidjaya; Merit is the key. Proposes Merit be deceitful / talk to Queen. Merit also considers using mountain.
– Discussion about what to do with Priestess/Queen. Rahi wants her spared / allowed to leave without harm. Kanta wants to obey letter of law. Merit wants her dead; Ram does too. Queen says she knows how to get through tower, but party unimpressed. Merit tosses mountain which turns into huge mountain; crushing all of the gnolls. Kanta starts walking up it. Ram says he can wait and get vengeance later. Merit decides she wants it now and sends a knife into the priestess before Rahi can react; priestess dies.
– Get to top of mountain and enter tower; very confusing construction. Kanta’s ritual completes and Ram is whole again with conditions; he’s very grateful. Kanta reminds him that what she wants is to have her mirror self chucked into the abyss.
– Kanta starts searching but Big Maggoty Gnoll Demon attacks. Rahi slices into him; Ram tries to spin him into stairwell, but wind pulls him along too. Kanta uses the wind to smash gnoll to ground. Merit looks for traps; finds one that will cave in the roof as well as some gems buried in the wall; shouts a warning and picks up a rock. Rahi kills the beast but is injured by its fingernails which come off in her flesh.
– Merit collects the gems, including one that’s from another world and has a color unlike any she’s ever seen.
– Ram keeps searching with windlike leaps, but his arm turns insubstantial and he almost plummets. Kanta tells him it will get better and he’s mollified but more circumspect; finds nothing.
– Merit searches and we come across a djinn. Rahi tells him we wish him no harm and he says we have one wish left. Kanta uses it to get him take us to the top of the tower, though he says she will ‘pay the price’.
– At the top of the tower we emerge into green landscape with houses of the Gods and another tower like the one we were in. This tower feels out of place / wrong. Everything is more vivid and amazing. Our hero marks are fully manifested and we’re larger than life.
– Mirror-male Kanta is on the top of the tower and we say we’re going for them; but then they say they’ll come down. An army swarms out of the tower; but we know that, here, we can fight them.

One thought on “Actual Play – Fell Citadel (9/29/2016)”

  1. Favourite Bits:
    – Rahi describing how, because she and Ram have fought back to back, Ram can step aside just as she makes her blow on the MaggotGnoll.
    – The Djinn! Very cool! And so happy we got to the top of the tower so quickly.
    – Merit deciding to kill the priestess. (And also admitting that maybe she is somewhat motivated by treasure – after laying into Rahi for suggesting that that might be the case.)
    – Kanta promising Ram his limbs would stop turning into wind eventually. So cool because she’d never lie (again).

    Quick thought: We often seem to be doing combat in turn-based way – which I appreciate for fairness, but I think it might be more fluid if people could jump in and out of the action as opportunities arise. At least it’s seemed to work pretty well in other DW games I’ve played.

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