Actual Play – Commissioner Frank Hunter (3/20/2013)

PTADirector: Leonard Balsera
Cast: Rich Rogers, Scott White, and Sean Nittner
System: Prime Time Adventures
Show: Blue Gene

Opening scene – Sidding and Frank in the shooting range first thing in the morning, each doing some penis waving. Siddig by firing a hand cannon and hitting all bulleyes without looking at it. Frank by firing a single round into the target, and then moments later the target igniting in flames. They are interrupted by Indra who runs in and hugs Frank. When he asks her why, she looks a little embarrassed and then asks if he heard the news? He’s been nominated as police commissioner! Siddig makes a snarky comment and then his PDA goes off requesting his authorization for an IA review, as standard with all commissioner nominees.

Act 1 – Scene 1 (Frank) – In the Hunter Labs, having a party to celebrate is nomination. Siddig brings out some dish that’s on fire, but the camera reveals that besides Sophie, nobody else is there. Frank really has no friends. The discussion starts jovially, but eventually it turns to the question of will Frank take the job. He has some reservations but doesn’t want to talk about them. The flip – Does Frank let something slip by accident? No, he opts to say he’ll take the job.

The scene is being recorded by someone, something, but we see in the background that the recording has been traced… by Shaun West.

Act 1 – Scene 2 (Siddig) – In the interrogation room being interviewed about Frank’s leadership. IA investigation team interrogating Sloane and Siddig. Flip: Can Siddig make Frank look good? Yep. Last word: Siddig’s investigator comes out jovially laughing with Sidding, he’s convinced. Sloane’s investigator however gives her partner and stern look, she isn’t convinced.

Act 1 – Scene 3 (Sloane) – Siddig and Sloane in the greasy spoon trying to talk about the interviews but interrupted by the public wanting to get footage on Siddig. A blogger gets right in Siddig’s face and despite having endured weeks of this, he nearly loses his temper. Sloane diffuses the situation and the crowd (quoting the contract). Siddig is beaming with two slices of pie when Sloane gets back.

Act 1 – 2 Interstitial – IA Agent (who interviewed Siddig) entering an abandoned Hunter Labs and starts snooping around. Figure behind him comes in and smokes the guy.

Act 2 – Scene 1 (Frank) – Frank’s background. Frank cleaning up his office (getting ready to move) and he finds some medals “wings”. We next see him on a naval base visiting and old friend, Miller. The guy is hard core. He’s still in the thick of military operations and bitter as fuck. Frank shows him up by doing one last mission with him (in some mecha jet fighter thing) and blowing the hell out of obvious bad dudes (TM) in Ass-crack-istan.

Act 2 – Scene 2 (Siddig) – Siddig talking to Sophie, he’s worried that Frank has gone off radar. He thinks someone is setting him up. Sophie convinces him to stop pursuing lest someone else is going to get hurt. She promised someone she wouldn’t look into it and Siddig needs to do that too.

Act 2 – Scene 3 (Sloane) – Danielle hasn’t been calling. Sloane starts looking after her and finds her doing some vigilante work. Sloane cuts her off as she’s coming back to her car. They fight about what she’s doing (to prevent him from losing his badge)

Act 2 – 3 Interstitial – SWAT break into Curtis Hunter’s home and come to arrest him. He’s ready to go willingly but then someone breaks in through a window and starts mowing down cops.

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