Actual Play – Chief Chous! (9/19/2013)

torchbearer-rpgGM: Sean Nittner
Players: Josh Curtis, Lindsay Nix, Dylan Nix, and Jon Edwards
System: Torchbearer
Dungeon: Under the House of the Three Squires

Picking up from our cliffhanger game last session.


Astrafel recounted the incredible foray made by the A-team last time.

Torchbearer on Air

Turn by Turn

Turn 12 –  “Amare the Dungeon Debutante who is Dangling” threw her lantern to Astrafel above. (Health ob 2, success).

Turn 13 – Alexander and Allen without a rope worked together to cross the chasm (Dungeoneering  ob 4, success)!

Turn 14 – Everyone else secure, the all grabbed the rope and pulled Amare up! (Health Ob 3, Success)

After finally regrouping, the stop and drank deeply from their water skins.

Turn 15 -Advancing on the ledge, they found water pouring from a ledge down a chute. Allen walked through the wall of water and quickly slipped on the wet ground. He tried to secure himself but the water took him down to the Kobolds below.  (Health Ob 3, twist: captured)

Turn 16 – Cautiously the rest of the party made their way down, Amrae leading the way. (Ob 4, Darkness is a factor, Fail. Condition: Exhausted for Amare, Hungry and Thirsty for Astrafel and Alexander the Righteous)

Turn 4 Conditions apply : Hungry (Amare)/Exhausted (Alexander)/Angry (Astrafel)

Turn 17 – Tied up and looted, Allen spit in the face of the Kobold that captured him. When the kobold got close enough, he smashed his head forward and killed the clan leader Saw Back (Fighter versus test, Result: Success)

Spell – Astrafel quickly cast Wisdom of the Sages to speak the tongue of Kobolds (Arcanist Ob: 2, Success)

Turn 18 – Their leader defeated and more adventuring upon them, them Kobolds were panicked. In a stand off the two sides decided to talk instead of fight. (Convince Crowd conflict, Starting disposition. Kobolds:8, Party:6, ending K:0, P:2, Major compromise: Alexander the Righteous or just “Chous” becomes leader)

Thoughts on this game

Taking 4 turns to get across the chasm was rough. I should have made it fewer, but I’m not sure which check I would have cut out. Either the health to throw the lantern up, or the 2nd dungeoneering test for Alexander and Allen to cross.

Making tough rolls on a 4th turn (like turn 16 in this case) is brutal. Fail and get a condition and chances are you’ll get another worse one. Fail and get a twist, and you’re walking into the twist with conditions across the board.

Yay, I’m so glad they chose to talk to the Kobolds. Chous the leader is awesome. Broken Egg (the would be leader) and Lizard Funk (the crotchety old Kobold with a broken arm and socks that smell like ass).

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