Actual Play – Burning Proxeria (2/26/10)

GM: Shaun Hayworth
Players: Kristin, Sean, Eric, Omar and Travis
System: Burning Empires

Maneuver 3 was a low energy game. We had a great time shooting the bull beforehand (and even during) but the game itself was pretty mellow. The stuff that came out of it, however, was pretty rocking. I’m really looking forward to next game and already have A LOT planned for it.

Maneuver 3

Human Action – Assess the Rebel Line
Vaylen Action – Assess the Civilian Commune (The “Blues”)

(V) Octavia (Color): Late one night under the dim coal light two human figures sneak out of a building and flee into an alley. Moments later a gigantic explosion erupts from the building, a Kerrn store in the human districts.

(H) Locke (Building): Locke seeks to make amends with the Karsen League merchants and employs Roderick’s help to find them in the space port. Once there he offers the captain (Marist) compensation for her lost goods and asks to speak privately about future business. In the Captains ship he makes this offer “We currently have only one fuel supplier on planet. I have Keslings personal seal to purchase fuel and that contact can go to you… if you provide me a personal Psychologist!” The deal is struck!

(H) Gorrey (Conflict):
We find Gorrey, Neil and Hike in an old factory, lit faintly by coal light. Hike is tied to a chair while Neil begins to heat us some nasty looking metal implement with a blow torch. Gorrey pounds Hike to give up the schematics to his mining laser but the inventor has spunk. He give it to Gorrey but not the rights. Instead of disappearing into the pit, he’s just become one of Gorrey’s better paid employees.

(V) Gaius (Building): Gius starts by send teams to search for the missing cryogenic containers but when the don’t show up he falls back or order another batch sent, this time split up and hidden amongst multiple shipments, specifically medical supplies. Naven on their way he begins retrofitting his cryogenics lab for their storage and delivery…

(H) Locke (Color): Children playing in the Coallight district kick a ball into an abandoned field, overgrown with brush. As the boy search for the ball, we see a glint of silver from under a bush. The next scene the boy’s parents are fighting over what to do with the container. His father wins through sheer volume and tenacity “This thing is a weapon. I’m sure of it. Do you know how much it would sell for? We’re gonna be rich!”

(H) Roderick (Building): Looking for the rebel base in his small craft with Locke along for the ride. The base was found inside a Trojan. They are using an ancient space settlement, though abandoned centuries ago. The small ship recorded tactical data on their hammer fleet before zipping back into Proxerian space.

(H) Misha (Building): Using her “Auto Seggurity” to spy on Gaius, Misha put boots on the ground to find some of his questionable cargo. She did a regulatory inspection on a supply of medical supplies and as he expected, perhaps even hoped, a frozen worm was hidden amongst them.

(H) Fox (Building): Fox was in the courtyard of her apartments performing yoga stances while in meditation. In the distance a ship lands in port and suddenly Fox’s eyes open. Another psychologist has arrived on planet. Alerted to their presence, Fox inquires with Kesling to find out if he has sanctioned the psychologist. Finding out he knows nothing about it, Fox gains his permission to investigate.

(V) Octavia (Interstitial): Sitting in a dingy bar with a number of miners, Octavia meets with one of their leaders to assemble her force in opposition to the Kerrn. She strikes a deal that if the men are killed, their families will be protected.

(H) Gorrey (Interstitial): Finds Octavia in the dive (just as she was leaving from her meeting in the previous scene). He tells her that when she is serious about fighting the power, he should talk to her. She wants and understanding – “we’re here to support the blues!”

(H) Roderick (Interstitial): Roderick meets with Fox and introduces himself as “Kesling’s Right Hand man” who could help Fox out with “space stuff”.

(H) Misha (Interstitial): Misha met with informant Luscious and told him to keep his ear to the ground about human activity regarding the Kerrn.

(H) Locke (Interstitial): Locke met Gorrey in his office, noticed an impressive array of vid screens and spoke about opening trade negotiations with the Darikhan as the best was to start peaceful negotiations with them. Gorrey made it clear that he’s not intimidated by Kesling but only after Locke left did he reveal his reasons. The vid screens came alive with scenes of Kesling bathing “How could I be afraid of that?”

(V) Kesling (Conflict): Kesling summoned Fox to his office, wig on with his back to her has she entered. He demanded to know why she had become so “cordial” with Raj rather than finding incriminating evidence against him. The argue and Fox turns the accusations around, convincing Kesling that his cousin, Lord Locke is the one who should be questioned. Begrudgingly Kesling allows Fox to court marshal Locke, but only so long as her time with Raj is spent under supervision.

(H) Fox (Color): Visits Raj but commands her guard to remain outside, leaving the two of them alone.

(H) Misha (Color): Assembles his evidence against Gaius and is seen testing out Vaylen detection tech on the worm in his possession… the on a member of Squad 113 that reports to him, finally on himself.

(V) Kesling (Interstitial): A beat cop reports to Misha showing him anti-Kerrn propaganda. Misha orders them to find the source of this and shut it down.

(H) Roderick (Color): Roderick is sitting inside his ship and see that the money from Kesling has come in to his account. He begins to doze off and then sprays a chemical into is eye, a mist that is absorbed immediately. He blinks a few times as his eyes water but then sits up straight in his chair, rejuvenated and alert.

(H) Fox (Interstitial): Fox meets with Roderick on his ship and asks to call in that “favor” he offered before. Roderick agrees to find the Psychologist that just arrived.

Maneuver Result

Humans won, the Rebles have been found and the anti-kerrn propaganda has not be reached wide circulation.

What rocked

Frick’n court marshal baby! That is awesome. I’m really looking forward to Fox turning the screws on Locke but I don’t intend to go down easy.

Rebel bases on asteroid belts near moons? Killer! I want me so firefights soon.

Most of or characters all have reasons to both need and despise each other. Good times.

We finished at a normal time (before midnight). This is a definite plus.

What could have been improved

As I mentioned the energy level was really low. It’s the end of the week, Travis has a new baby boy, people are tired, etc. So I get it, but it just makes me sad.

Very few character traits were played up, I think a lot of that has to do with the energy level. I complete forgot effeminate.

I really let a scene (the interstitial between Locke and Gorrey) flop by not introducing something to move it forward. If the group is okay with it I’m going to amend the scene with Locke passing some information from Raj to Gorrey.

Definitely looking forward to next session. My character is going to eat shit I’m sure.

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