Actual Play – Action Castle II (9/19/2015)

Action Castle IIParser: Karen Twelves
Player: Sean Nittner
System: Action Castle II (Parsley)

Welcome to… ACTION CASTLE!!!!!!!! ¬†2!!!!!!!!!

By the pool side, with my eyes closed, both so I could draw a mental map and so the sun didn’t get in them, Karen and I played Action Castle II. We had previously played¬†and I married my girlfriend Rosie. This time through cunning and wit, I became the king’s champion. Huzzah!

Here’s the luxury we experienced of pool side roleplaying!


What Rocked

Playing by the pool.

Playing in a robe.

Playing with Karen (she is a great parser)

Going North.

What could have improved

I could still be at the Madonna Inn right now!


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