Actual Play – Philadelphia County Ghost Court (11/18/2017)

System: Ghost Court

The One Shot Network started a game of Ghost Court in the Bully Pulpit room and there wasn’t enough space for all the players. Not nearly enough. Thanks to Andy Munich, the Pax Enforcers, some very helpful hotel staff, and patient players, we setup a new room to house the Superior Ghost Court of Philadelphia County.

I thought we might get 10-20 people. We had over 40. Holy crap PAX, your crowds. This was so much fun to setup and of course, our judges were amazing.

I even managed to slip between the two courts, play case myself and made it back!

Here’s some pics!


Actual Play – Pax Star Crossed (11/18/2017)

Players: New Pax Friends
Facilitator: Sean Nittner
System: Star Crossed

My first time facilitating Star Crossed. I was a bit daunted having never facilitated it before, but I was so confident in the system I wanted to give it a shot. After the games (note, we played two of them!) Alex met with the players and got their feedback.

The stories were of a old west sheriff bringing an outlaw back to town, through a long and dangerous trip back. The other was a fantasy dwarf and elf separated from their party in the dungeon and trying to make it back to them… or not.

Our Star Crossed players


Actual Play – Star Crossed with Kitty (11/17/2018)

Players: Kitty Stoholski and Sean Nittner
System: Star Crossed

Kitty and I told a delightfully claustrophobic story of two people trapped in an escape pod running out of air, hoping to they will be found and still trying to uphold their social structures (former co-workers that had an affair and were reprimanded by a military structure that forbade fraternization).

This game…as I expected…was sooooo good!


I forgot to take a pic of our game, so thank you to my friends at Pax for sharing their tower toppling win me:

Steve’s Thumb!