Actual Play – Darkest Self (6/21/2012)

GM: Scott White
Players: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers, Adam Robichaud
System: Monsterhearts

We opened with Abaraham in his plush apartment in the woods. There was a knock on the door and he invited Jenny in. The kissed and we faded to black.

In the night we saw Dante stalking a girl, who turned out to know his older brother. He fed on her anyway, toying with her till she died. Darkest self and all.

On the other side of town Kendall sat in the hospital watching her mother and Dr. Shea (the county appointed psychiatrist) talk. As they did, her mother became more and more crestfallen.  Kendall was told she had to quit student council, too much stress her mother said. Kendall fought, even employed some dirty tactics, to stay president. She agreed however to see Dr. Shae every Friday at 7PM

Mr. Drake, Abraham’s former man-servant, now teacher and still loyal disciple of Mr. Silva, knocked on Abraham’s door. Inside he saw Jenny asleep on the couch. “Your father would not be pleased. Send her away.” The had an altercation and Arabaham pushed Drake off the stairs to his apartment, injuring him. He took the servants serpent can and cracked it over his knee, signifying his defiance of his family (and going Darkest Self). “Jenny, we have to leave…”

Dante was finishing his feast when Abraham and Jenny (pulling a giant suitcase on wobbly wheels through the woods) happened along.  Dante hid and although Abraham suspected something was amiss, he didn’t notice the vampire, cast it off as Drake still trying to follow him.

Dante stalked to two for a bit and then appeared, asking what they were doing.  They made up a flimsy story at first (Moon watching? Yeah, really? with a giant suitcase?) but eventually Jenny, still a little uncertain of what was going on herself, said “We’re running from his father.”

Dante agreed to help. Then sent Jenny off to steal a car and drove to an abandoned trailer park. This is where Abraham was amble to shut down Dante’s baser urges (was Dante trying to “help” just so he could isolate them and feed of them?) by allowing him entry into to the trailer (passing a threshold) and thus asserting his dominance.

Kendall also walked along in the dark, but not home. Instead she made a call and was picked up by Joshua, a member of student council. He took her back to the auditorium where he, Becky, Leslie and Ryan were all hanging out. The had liquor (taken from their parents cabinets) and were taking advantages of student council privileges (keys to the auditorium) to throw a small party. Kendall confided in them that Dante attacked her, and that she wanted to get back at him. An evil plan was hatched.

Dante, having agreed to help Abraham in exchange for his DJ equipment, returned to Abraham’s place to pick it up and found Drake there. He hypnotized the watcher and convinced him (ordered him) to give Abraham some space and to let him feel like he isn’t under his father’s thumb. There seemed to be something of an implication that Dante would be watching out for him, but I might have just imagined that.

Kendall snuck inside but bumped into one of her dad’s architectural models and woke him up (he had fallen asleep on the chair). He seemed worried, at first, but it was more about making her mother upset. Kendall recoiled, feeling rejected by her father as well.

Thoughts on the Game

Based on our previous discussion between games we agreed to try and hold off jumping to the dice this game. Last time we went to the dice very quickly and it led to a somewhat frenetic game. This time we gave the story a little longer to player out.  The story was richer because of it, but the scenes were also longer, involving more negotiation between players.  This helped keep the mood of the game pretty dark.

Scott asked us in advance to set aside some time at the end of the game to talk about how we were feeling about the game. The consensus was that after the second session we were more invested in the game.  We also talked about what was working and what we wanted to change. Most of that below. I’m really glad Scott called for this. It gave some closure to the game and let us talk about what we wanted going forward.

The scene of Dante feeding on Shelly hit some nerves for me. It wasn’t the feeding, that I was fine with an expected, it was the stalking. I likened it to the suspense in a horror movie when you don’t know what’s going to happen. Those are the scenes that I wince at and I found myself wincing here as well. I brought it up in the game, Rich lightened up a bit (still of course feeding, but less graphic with the menace) and then we talked about it more after the game. Rich’s concern, which I think is a really valid one, is how to balance doing justice to the character and the setting of the game (which is pretty dark) and at the same time being respectful of people’s boundaries.  It was a good talk after the game as well as a follow we had the next morning on g-chat.

I was really tired and felt way off my game. I ended up missing out on the scene of Dante and Abraham finding a place for Abaraham and Jenny to stay. I also couldn’t think of the names of the member of my clique to save my life. When it came time for “what do you do?” most of my thoughts were along the lines of pouting and feeling sorry for herself, but none of those were particularly actionable, so  went for getting vengeance, but that felt somewhat misplaced as well.

I find I don’t like my character. Maybe this is a Monsterhearts thing, maybe it’s a high-status thing. Maybe it’s a me thing.  Here’s the thing(s) about Kendall and how I think I can improve them.

  1. She’s vindictive in a way I don’t like. For instance, my gut was to approach Dante and slap him in the face saying “you ruined my life!” Hyperbole for sure, but primal, raw and real. What her clique encouraged her to do instead was to set him up to either get his ass kicked, or possibly have assault charges filed against him, or maybe just create a horrible social stigma. All of those ideas are much, much more effective than what I had though of (in terms of hurting Dante) but they were also a lot more calculating and cruel, which I’m not a fan of.  Rich, after the game, over chat, encouraged me to use my power over the clique to make them follow my worse, but more satisfying (to me as a player) plan. I think that is brilliant!
  2. Most of her motivation is to maintain the status quo. She’s well off, popular, and head of the student council. She gets away with everything and she has a bright future. Why would she want anything to change? I think I made her too “perfect” on the outset and now the only way for her to become interesting is to get broken, probably a lot broken. Having to see a shrink on Friday nights, possibly having to leave student council, and being hurt by Dante, are all good starts.  What I need to do with those, to make them fun, is to latch onto one of those problems and make it a goal to “fix” it. Hopefully not leading back to her original standing, but to something knew and cracked at the seems.
  3. A little bit I miss my original concept with Fee. I kind of just want to “burn it all down” sometimes, especially in this kind of game where that could happen and spark some really cool drama of trying to fit in, but inherently being outside society (Kendall is still very much a part of society, she plays by all of society’s rules, and in facts makes some herself).  I think if I can’t invest more in Kendall, I may bring Fee into the game.

I think that Monsterhearts isn’t exactly what I expected, though I’m not sure I know what that is. I was thinking along the line of Buffy. Teenage angst + monsters. But MH is about us being the monsters, and monstrous we are. I don’t envy Scott’s roll here either. “Hey Kendall, they think you’re hurting yourself and now you need to see a councilor.” Man, who wants to say that? Anyway, I want a shred of goodness in our characters and right now I’m not sure it exists. And when I do see it, for instance Dante trying to help our Kendall and then later Abraham, I don’t know if I should trust that it’s real.

Happiness as scarcity is, perhaps, to ephemeral for me, and I’m more comfortable allowing my emotional reactions to range, based on a response to other scarcities (food, survival, ownership, etc).  This may change as I get more invested in the goals of the characters and identify with them more, but for now they all seem shallow and greedy.

Actual Play – Newport High (5/31/2012)

GM: Scott White
Players: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers, Adam Robichaud
System: Monsterhearts


This is our first play session of the game that started as Hillsdale High.

We had several changes before we got started.

Fee (my character) was removed. I was a little wigged out by having a character that was so close to another in concept (two musical ghouls burned to death by fire), so I elected to try something new, and from that was born Kendall Hurst, a sophomore that was incredibly popular, and student council president. Yes, a Queen. Continue reading Actual Play – Newport High (5/31/2012)

Actual Play – Hillsdale High (5/18/2012)

GM: Scott White
Players: Sean Nittner, Rich Rogers, Jack Nolan, Adam Robichaud
System: Monsterhearts

Well, I couldn’t make the EndGame Monster Party, which made me very sad, but I was happy to be playing a Monsterhearts game of my own. Scott White and Rich Rogers (who I play PTA with) recruited me into the game, and I was very excited to get my angst on.

The first session was character and setting creation. It was also the players getting to know each other. I had never gamed with Adam or Jack so we spent a lot of time dong the dance of “this is how I play. I want to make sure you’re down with playing in a compatible way, without coming out and telling you ‘you must do this thing'”. I think we all got some buy into playing teenage angst and our characters digging their proverbial (and perhaps literal) teeth into each other.

What I’m still very dubious about though is play style. Jack and I have characters that are nearly identical (teenage female ghoul musicians who died in fires… I know, crazy), but we have very different approach to secrets in game. I’m super hippie-indie “lets all talk about our character secrets so we can frame cool scenes around pushing on them.” Jack, is old school and has character secrets that are shared between him and Scott only. I was pretty heavy handed about saying “I want us all to collaborate” and in fact talked a lot more about my character than I expected to at first, to show that doing so is safe, but I think Jack has very different sensibilities than I do. So we’ll see how it plays out in game.

Seating Chart

Character Roster

Fee was born in 1970 in the Prypiat (Ukraine) and in 1986 was incinerated during the Chernobyl disaster.  Buy she didn’t die, or she died and came back, she really didn’t know. Either way, she came back, physically untouched but mentally and emotionally vacant. She has been wandering the world for over 20 years lost and empty, until recently she found something that makes her feel alive again. Spreading the chaos that caused her death. Still with the emotional maturity of a 16 year old girl, she seeks through music to incite the same longing she feels into others… to burn it down, burn it all down.

“We all know it. The universe is expanding and moving to a state of greater entropy. All I’m trying to do is help it along. It’s like watching a tiny bird almost ready to take flight, all it needs it a little nudge to push it out of the next and set it free.” –Fee

Fee is of course short for Phoenix Levitski, but her real name is lost to her. Something like Elena no doubt. She currently lives, as a foreign exchange student with the Browns. They have one (biological) son named Doug who is 15 and would have had a daughter that was Fee’s age if not for a miscarriage.  The browns never got over their first loss and are always terrified they will lose Doug as well, so they are incredibly protective of him, terrified of anything that might put him in danger. Not surprisingly the browns are not delighted with Fee. She’s super goth, she makes a lot of noise, she doesn’t play by the rules, but worse of all, when scolded, she just looks at them with these dead eyes, oblivious to the threats they make. The truth is she always has dead eyes, it’s just only in times of anger that they notice.  Fee is terrified of them trying to send her back.

Dante is a misunderstood kid with no right to be as angsty as he is. His family loves him and they are good people. His brothers and sisters are well adjusted, and his parents have noticed how distant he is, tried to help, but haven’t been able to figure out what is wrong, let alone how to fix it.

Music speaks to him though. He mixes it, remakes, and turns it into something. He’s found a mixing service that allows users to do re-mixes online and has begun connecting with the DJ community, specifically the owner of the site, who has become his patron. Really. His effing dark patron!

Now Dante gets help from the owner Brom Silva (whose real name he doesn’t know), in exchange of course for doing things that are in their mutual interest.

Abraham was groomed to be great. He’s a Serpentine and was told by his parents, specifically his father. Brom Silva, that if he followed in their footsteps, power would all but be given to him. Yeah, but what teenager wants to do what his “father knows best” father tells him? So he’s taken his inherent knack for getting his way, a household servant and a modicum of the family’s wealth (which is still quite a lot) to Hilldale. Unfortunately, there are always strings (get it, strings?) attached. His “servant” is more of a watcher than anything else. He’s gotten a job at the Hilldale highschool and now teaches History and Homeroom. Yay for our new homeroom teacher Mr. Drake!

Abraham has a posh apartment that overlooks the Hillsdale docks and next door is Mr. Drake… who has a key to Abraham’s place. Yay. His father has let Abraham go on his walkabout but holds him on a leash both with the presence of Mr. Drake and tight control over Abraham’s accounts.

Tiffany Darrens is a girl in search of who she is, or what happened to her. She lives in an abandoned house that is rumored to be haunted. She is a classic rock chick, a singer, and dressed the part. Tiffany has a reputation for being vengeful and wicked.

She is a ghoul who was burned to death in a fire. Unlike Fee, however, she ages, and when she was killed in 1990, was only a young child.


After going over the character concepts, we did strings and figured out how we all had hooks into each other.

Dante – Abraham likes his music, Tiffany hates it. Fee saw him stealing Tiffany’s amp but didn’t say anything about it.

Abraham – Knows where Tiffany lives (in the “haunted” house). His father Brom, also holds his purse strings and has Mr. Drake watching over him.

Tiffany – Dante reminds of her of what love means and she’s drawn to him (which sets up some awesome tension give that have such a contentious relationship otherwise). Fee saw Tiffany die and be reborn so many years ago, and is fascinated with her. Are the they same?

Fee – Fee sees the power running through Abrahams veins and she is drawn to him like moth to a flame. She wonders how someone can be so “alive”. Abraham has agreed to mentor Fee in history. Just before the game starts, Fee caused an accident at the docks. She made a cargo container fall from a lift. It crushed her underneath it and after she died, she burst into flames and started a fire on the dock. Tiffany saw it all.


Hillsdale is a small town in Oregon, near enough to the music scene to have aspiring musicians but far enough away for anything real to happen. It has some interesting features.

The abandoned house on the hill. Supposedly haunted.

Dudley’s Diner – Run by Mack Dudley (the chef) and his cougar wife that hits on every attractive boy or man who walks in the door.

A fishing port that primarily has locally owned and operated trawlers, but occasionally a massive commercial vessel will come into harbor. As mentioned above a big fire just broke out at the docks. Big enough that it is in the newspaper.

Mr. Drake is our Homeroom and History teacher.

Thoughts on this game

I think we created a rich set of characters and setting. It should give us plenty of fuel to start our own funeral pyre.

I was disheartened that we didn’t get to actually “play”. It took almost four hours just to create characters and the town/school were were in. Part of that was because of doing it online, with all the complications that creates.

I’m concerned about having very different play styles. We’ll see how that works out in game.