Actual Play – Big Drum City (2/18/2016)

dungeon_world_finalGM: Edmund Metheny
Players: Sophie Lagacé, Adrienne Mueller, and Sean Nittner
System: Dungeon World
Setting: Land of 10,000 Gods

Dawn woke on our heroes making haste from Fish For Dinner to the Capitol Big Drum City, with hopes of finding out who ordered the assassination of the Sirdar.

Notes from Edmund

Before we started the session we were introduced to the noble family of Big Drum City. Here’s what we’ve got:

King Ori: A handsome man, now beginning to show his age. He has ruled over Wet Plains for 17 years since the death of his mother. Not a hero, but determined to be a good ruler. He is also flambouyant, which is something that the people of Wet Plains appreciate. After all, if the nobility isn’t entertaining, what good are they?

Queen Kaviarasi: A known hero, with skin the color of a brilliant sunrise, In her youth she wielded the magical sword Alag (“To Separate”) and was the bane of Rakshasas throughout Wet Plains. Since the birth of her son the Prince and daughter the Princess she has stayed closer to home and has contented herself with training the Royal Guard.

Prince Aar: Quiet, studious, and often considered by the people to be too bookish and serious to be decently entertaining as a leader, Prince Aar nonetheless devotes his great intellect to the betterment of the people. His current project is an ambitious series of canals and dams that will improve irrigation and reduce flooding during monsoons.

Princess Xami: Determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps, Princess Xami is the current holder of Alag, though the artifact has evidenced no powers or abilities other than those of a normal sword in her hand. Even with no heroic abilities of her own, she is a skilled and dedicated warrior, but yearns for more.

Duke Jerk Face, er Omja Rahman: No description, only the picture, which says it all.

The worst ambush party

One the road at night, as we camped, Merit noticed figures looming the darkness, coming towards us. She woke Ram and called out to them, asking what they wanted.

“Your food.”

*mutter, mutter*

“Your coin!”

*more muttering among them*

“Your food and your coin and anything else that is of value. Okay?”

So these weren’t bandits. These were displaced starving farmers trying their hand and failing pretty bad at banditry. After some awkward exchanges we agreed to take them to Big Drum City so they could petition the duke to find them land to work or other employment and then to be arrested for their banditry. Kanta is a stickler for the the law.

Named for a Reason

Big Drum City has drums. Lots of them. Big ones even! We, heroes that we are, upon arriving at the gates were led in a drum procession to the duke.

Open Face Jerkdom

The Duke, who met us, was not in the least bit demure about ashamed of his bold faced greed and desire to better his family’s position. With a bit of brow-beating however, he acquiesced to help and then incarcerate our entourage of farmers as well as their families.

Prince Not So Charming

After meeting with the duke, a messenger can and told us that the prince would also like a meeting with us. We agreed and soon were in his palace. Very quickly we observed that the prince was very intelligent and very plain. Less than plain, he was sub-ordinary really, at least in the arena of having a convincing personality.

We also found out that our brow beating session actually disrupted the natural order of things. The duke’s role as a Ass-Hat General is actually one contrived by him and the king to allow the king to appear beneficent when the reigns in the duke, and for the duke to get things done. They have a plan to address the drought and food shortages, but it involves a lot of work to re-route irrigation, and it will take a long time to implement. The duke alone is capable of selling this bitter fruit to the people, as the are used to hearing bad news from him.

Parting ways

Kanta stayed with the prince, in order to review his plans of irrigation, and because she found his studious, reserved ways pleasant. She offered to aid the prince as she knew the names of many rivers and could help direct them, but she also asked that he help her find the one who ordered the assassination of the Sirdar. He agreed to aid her, but he would have to so without anyone knowing. The scene cut away with Kanta drawing a curtain closed around them.

Meanwhile, Ram, Rahi, and Merit went to go drinking, celebrating and deal making. Merit sold the magical artifact she obtained for several thousand coin. A nice sum, but still not quite what she owes her debtors. Ram, whose job was to look menacing noticed that the buyer was a Thugee, a true Thugee, who served the mistress death, even if she was a lowly member in the order. He discovered that a ceremony was happening shortly and made plans to bring is friends, despite the uninitated never being invited to any ceremony of the Thugee before!

We’ll find out what troubles this causes next time!

Actual Play – The Thuggee (1/21/2016)

dungeon_world_finalGM: Edmund Metheny
Players: Sophie Lagacé, Adrienne Mueller, and Sean Nittner
System: Dungeon World
Setting: Land of 10,000 Gods

Fish for Dinner

In between sessions, Edmund shared this bit about the setting:

Fish-For-Dinner is a bustling seaport town on the coast of Wet Plains.

Prosperity: Wealthy
Population: Growing
Defenses: Watch
Other: Resource (fish), Trade (City of Heroes, Big Drum City), Personage (Pratik Iyengar).

Fish-for-Dinner is also the unofficial “capitol” of organized crime, particularly the “I-Team” criminal cartel (named after it’s head, Pratik Iyengar). Iyengar maintains a large estate just outside of town, though his operations are almost entirely outside of Wet Plains, and he uses his considerable influence to assure that Fish-For-Dinner provides a clearinghouse for various organized crime groups throughout Wet Plains and beyond. It is rumored that he even has connections with the dreaded Thuggee assassins.

SPECIAL MOVE (Fish-for-Dinner)
Crime Hub: because the town acts as both a safe haven and organizational meeting place for various organized crime groups, attempts to Discern Realities regarding organized crime activities receive a +1.

Amulet of the Timinga

He also told us something about our loot from last session, however it wouldn’t apply this game, as Merit had the item, and Karen wasn’t able to make this game session:

A large, beaten copper amulet, stained with verdigris and smelling faintly of the sea and decay. Depicted on the front is a stylized Timingala. The amulet gives the wearer the ability to place certain tags on themselves during the course of an adventure. No more than one tag can be acquired per scene. The tags are:

  • Angry – the character is angry with just about everything.
  • Messy – the character’s actions, physical, mental, and social, tend to leave rather a mess behind them. Subtlety is unlikely.
  • Remorseless – concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, become irrelevant. Only what is necessary is important.

For each tag, hold 1.

At any time the character may spend the entirety of their hold as a bonus, so long as the player can explain how each of the tags is affecting their actions. The bonus cannot be divided among multiple rolls. Once the bonus has been spent, the amulet becomes inactive for the remainder of the adventure and the character loses all tags.

Meeting with the Sidar

Our sessions started as we met with the Sidar and tried to find out what her game was. She told us her problems of over population and the inability to fined enough skilled laborers. These didn’t seem like the kind of problems heroes were suited for… and then an arrow flew from inside the room and struck her right in the chest!

We sprung into action… as you do! Rahi leapt at the assailant in the shadowy corner, Kanta inspected the fallen Sirdar determine if the blow was fatal, and Ram stood guard to protect the mage. Rahi’s blow was brutal, it should have been fatal. With her divine blade she severed his arm at the shoulder and assumed this would fell the diminutive assassin, but surprisingly he sprung forward with a dagger in hand and slipped past Rahi like a seed spitting forth from the pulp of a mashed fruit.

Ram stood in his pass, but the Yaksa used the blood fountaining from his arm to grease his way past the warrior and make a lunge toward the Sidar with a poisoned dagger. Kanta, unskilled in martial ways could not stop the assassin, but she swept her cloak in his path and between blood and fabric, his poisoned dagger was knocked off it’s course. Rahi, recovering from the moment of confusion swept in with another mighty cleave that took off his other arm.

The creature began choking to death on his own blood but Ram promptly used to fingers to clear the passage in his windpipe so he could ask one question “Who sent you?” The only answer was “Death to the Sidar!” followed by a gurgle and then death.

Clues left behind

The dagger? Poisoned. The arrow, enchanted. With her third eye open, Kanta saw superimposed upon the tip and maul, which explained why the Sirdar’s armor and ribs were crushed rather than punctured. Of the assassin himself, the only object we found was an empty vial with a bit or residue from some alchemical concoction.

Our investigation led us to warring merchants in the bazaar (each promising they offered the finest wares), a prince among organized crime, and finally to the Thuggee, or at least whispers of them. Normally bandits and brigands who prey on unprotected caravans… who for some reason were willing to send an assassin to die in order to kill the well guarded Sirdar.

Now we must find the Thuggee!

Actual Play – Rahi’s Moment (1/7/2016)

dungeon_world_finalGM: Edmund Metheny
Players: Sophie Lagacé, Adrienne Mueller, Karen Twelves, and Sean Nittner
System: Dungeon World
Setting: Land of 10,000 Gods

Back in the land of 10,000 Gods.

Tamingula Island

The island appeared to have a rocky surface with bleached white trees going from it. But upon closer inspection we found the surface spongy and marsh like, and the the trees not trees at all, but tall parasitic creatures that grew on the flesh of this giant beast. The entire island smelled of rotting flesh, but where the white parasite tendrils bored into it, the stench was even more foul. Ram pierced one of the creatures with his spear and thick black blood oozed out of it, smelling worse still.

Kanta observed the creatures, and the place through her 3rd eye and discovered there was a curse placed here, once bound to a focus object and that something about Sagma stood out, he was no ordinary guard.

They also noticed the other boat that lay wrecked against these shores and on it found it’s captain, his corpse exsanguinated by what had to be vampire.

Unhappy inhabitants

As we inspected the island, it’s inhabitants took notice of us as well. The tree-like parasites began uprooting themselves and moving slowly towards us. We attempted to flee, moving northward around the island, but moments after we started moving we found ourselves back where we started. The curse was upon us!

Merit searched the area, looking for other traps that might befall us, and sure enough she discovered a patch of the tamingula’s skin that had been worried away and anything that landed on it, would be sucked into the creatures innards. She also discovered a copper brooch embossed with the image of a tamingula.

Attempting to drive them back, Ram, having exchanged weapons with Rahi, hacked away at the tree-like creatures with the guard Sagma’s sword and though he drove them back, they encircled him as well, and soon he was surrounded and disappeared from our sight.

Improbable Investigations

Merit and Kanta began trying to understand the curse while Rahi went looking for Ram.

Merit noticed that the brooch felt angry somehow, and as Ram’s encounters got even more dangerous, it became enraged! Kanta tried to understand the relationship between the island and the brooch but all that she could surmise was that the guard Sagma was somehow key to understanding all of it. She called him out and ordered him to reveal to her what he knew and why he had come with us on our journey. He said that he was only a simple guard and that he wanted to assist great heroes. Kanta could detect no deception in his voice. Merit grabbed the brooch back and claimed it as hers.

Ram and the dead man

Once separated from the rest of his allies Ram found the tree creatures were now fleeing from him. Soon after he noticed a tower far off, one which he should have noticed before. Then a voice spoke to him in his head and asked that he agree to a peaceful discourse. He agreed and an old fisherman stepped out from behind nothing at all. The fisherman did not look right, his body decayed and moving with jerky motions.

He explained that he was not a man at all, but a Decani, or vampire, and that he wished to speak to the one who knew death personally. The island was not a suitable home for him and he wished to find something better. Ram suggested that he go to the mainland, where there would be bodies to feast on, but the vampire suspected that Ram did not intend to aid him in such an endeavor. The vampire then produced Vijaya from nowhere as well and attempted to coerce Ram further, but the holy killer would have none of that. He lunged for the sword, but the vampire turned into a bat and flew off.

Shortly after Rahi, who had gone searching for Ram emerged from the copse of tree to find him, though now the party was split in half.

Getting very angry

Kanta wanted the brooch to get more information about it. Merit said it was hers. They began arguing and insulting each other. Soon their own anger and vexation peaked and both of them noticed, Merit, then Kanta a white tower off in the distance.

Tower of Bone

When we all found each other again, it was at the base of a tower made of human bone. Kanta observed that over a thousand must have died to make this tower. Merit observed that it was better than being made of Yaksa bone!

Inside we found bare furnishing and a single spiral staircase up. As we ascended Ram asked Kanta what he should do when confronting a vampire. “Make no bargains with it. Trust none of it’s lies. Expose it to the light.” [Yay, I got to use my know-it-all move].

At the base of the steps, Sagma, the guard turned to Rahi (who had traded weapons again with Ram and was once again holding the guard’s sword) and he told her that this was her moment. While the rest of us saw a human guard, Rahi saw Durga, eight armed goddess of victory, for which Vijaya must have been named. Rahi raced up the stairs, blowing past Kanta and Ram.

Tricksy Vampires

At the top we found the vampire, who tried once again to bargain with us for Rahi’s blade. Ram charged him but then he turned into a bat and flew off. At the same time the tower of bone – which was an illusion all along – disappeared and we all went falling down toward the ground.

Rahi lunged out to grab the bat, was not quite quick enough. Kanta summoned a friendly wind to soften our fall and slow our decent but at the last moment decided not to wrap Rahi in the protective winds, hoping she would take hold of the bat.

When we landed, Rahi saw her father standing before her, holding her sword. Once again, the vampire tried to manipulate us but this only infuriated Rahi and she charged into him. There was a titanic clash as their swords met and Rahi was thrown back, shaken by the blow. And though she should have been grievously injured, she was untouched. Beside her she saw the broken blade of the guard, shattered in twain. In her hand however, she was holding Vijaya!

Merit, curious as to the nature of this brooch fiddled with it and discovered that one of its powers was to take control of the creature’s body, like a marionette. Uncertain of the intricacies she simply swung the brooch and slammed the vampire into a rocky wall.

Ram, leapt up on the creature and wrapped his rummel around it’s throat. However as he choked it, the creature’s head turned around completely, wrenching tendons and snapping ligaments, then it’s terrible teeth bit into the holy killer’s face!

Kanta, knowing that she did not know this creatures true name, but that it had been using illusions to deceive us over and over, opened her third eye, opened it so wide, that all could see the creature for what it really was. A giant obsidian hulk with bulging muscles, red eyes, and horns.

Merit once again smashed the vampire down toward Rahi, and then the bearer of Vijaya charged forth, lifted up her great relic blade, and cut the creature in twain!

We could be heroes

The vampire dissipated and disappeared in a mist. Neither escaping or truly slain, but banished from our realm and hopefully unable to return until the next Night of Blight.

Moments later the great tamingula island began to sink, and we all made haste to return to Berun Tek’s boat. On the return to Fish for Dinner we reflected upon our experience, learned new things, and changed our bonds with each other [everyone is level 2 now]!




Actual Play – Death’s Seven Armed Embrace (12/17/2015)

dungeon_world_finalGM: Edmund Metheny
Players: Sophie Lagacé, Adrienne Mueller, Karen Twelves, and Sean Nittner
System: Dungeon World
Setting: Land of 10,000 Gods

In the Land of 10,000 Gods…

…Our heroes boarded the fisherman Barun Tek’s boat, along with his son Maru Tek, and guardsman Sagma.

…The Fisherman Barun Tek told us two rules of being on his boat: Stay in the middle of the boat, don’t jump around.

…The Mage Kanta cajoled the fisherman into allowing her to name his boat, so that she could cast spells upon it. The cost of doing so was an incantation on this nets to draw fish to them. The incantation went horribly wrong, but none of them knew at first.

… The ship was named Home of the Greedy Man.

…At night the Mage Kanta had a dream, where she saw the creature she brought forth from the void, negative image of her. Black where she was white, white where she was black. In riddles the creature told her that all living creatures seek to disembark the wheel of time and achieve enlightenment but when one soul leaves, the scales have to be balanced.  All that holds them back must be gathered into one creature, one person. That person could be Kanta…

…Ferocious monsters attacked our ship. First one jumped on the deck, grabbed the boy Maru and pulled him back under water. Ram, on watch bellowed for them to come to fight him… and come they did. The creatures were Makara, or Tiger Fish. Tigers in the front and fish in the back, covered in oily scales all over.

…Our heroes fought bravely and only barely fended them off. Two of them, Kanta and and Ram feel to their vicious blows, but death resolved to give each of them another chance. Kanta, with no strings attached. Ram, with the condition that he grant each of his companions a good death before he seems deaths embrace again. The he hugged death, and with her seven arms, the dark mistress hugged him back.

…Merit deftly threw dagger after dagger into the thick rubbery hides of the Makara. She also threw ropes overboard, saving both Kanta and Rahi from drowning.

…Rahi fought bravely with her peasant sword. She was in and out of the water, fending the beasts offer her friends, exposing herself to danger at every turn!

…Ram stood over Kanta, protecting her with his divine ward and pulling her out of the water, even to his own detriment. When there was only one beast left, and he had a rope wrapped around it’s throat, he pulled with all it’s might until it was choked out, but in it’s death spasms, the beast also landed blow after blow that delivered the killer to death’s door.

…The fisherman lamented the loss of his son, and said there would be no one to carry on his line and feed his family. He asked, how could we possibly face the giant Temecula when we barely survived the fight with these four Makara? Kanta responded that they could and they would because that is what heroes do.

What Rocked

When Merit was pounding on Ram’s chest cursing him for dying. “You asshole! You giant dead asshole!” (BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT)

Ram’s description of death. Seven armed, playing a sitar with no strings.

The pathetic and dilapidated stated we all ended the fight in. Everyone wet, everyone bloody… except Merit who was physically just fine but emotionally a wreck after almost loosing Ram.

Ram going for the kill, despite the danger to himself. He had to deliver something to his dark mistress.

Coming back from death’s gates. Both of us! Ram using his relationship with Death to help Katna come back.

Kanta’s spells NEVER work. It’s great. So far she’s three for three in creating a disaster when she uses magic. I think this is really setting the precedent for tipping the scales of creation. I’d like to see that come out next session. Something like Barun tek smells his nets and notices they smell like chum from Kanta’s spell and must either be tossed off the boat lest we get attacked again, or continue to draw monsters to us. A good reason for Barun to get a real hate on for Kanta.


What could have improved

I feel awkward in one-on-one sequences that go on too long. Kanta had a dream sequence that was important for the character, but in that way that riddles go, went on longer than I felt comfortable with. I think it was important for her development and to show the impact of her actions, but yeah, I wanted to see more or Merit’s quips, Rahi’s self-doubt, and Ram’s zeal!

I think the Makura’s move was three moves in one. It was inflict harm (2d6+2), separate them (pull some of us in the water), and put them in a spot (in water the Makura’s attacks did more damage (2d6+4). That plus their 2 points of armor, maybe them more than a match for any of us. In the end most of them fled, but in a stand up fight, I’m pretty sure they could have taken us all. I think their threat could have been somewhat ameliorated by breaking their moves up. So the first time you miss, get a 7-9 on hack and slash, or otherwise expose yourself to danger, they grab you. The next time they pull you under water, the third they inflict harm. Or it could be a two step process grab and pull underwater, then inflict harm.

My character is kind of an asshole, and I’m working on making her less so without giving up the sense that she cares more about knowledge and it getting into the right hands than anything else. I want her to be respectful of people even if she isn’t friendly per se. So far she hasn’t been either.

Actual Play – Land of 10,000 Maniacs (12/10/2015)

dungeon_world_finalGM: Edmund Metheny
Players: Sophie Lagacé, Adrienne Mueller, Karen Twelves, and Sean Nittner
System: Dungeon World
Setting: Land of 10,000 Gods

Ed has created a custom Dungeon World setting called the Land of 10,000 Gods. It’s a fantasy campaign mashup of the epic style of J.R.R. Tolkien and sweeping Indian epics such as the Mahabhar ata and the Ramayana, filled with gods and monsters, and two moons. Ed has written a whole lot about it here: Overview, Map, Religion, and Playbooks. Sophie also made a pinterest board for the setting.

Character Creation

We did some of this over email ahead of time, but all the details were completed when we were together online. Out cast:

Rahi (Sophie) the Relic Bearer, is a young woman who constantly doubts her own worthiness. One she failed to defeat a monster and an entire village was destroyed. She now forever tries to make up for that failure. She wields a sword called “Victory-” and destroys any monster in her path. (Rahi’s Backstory, Rahi’s Character Sheet)

Kanta (Sean) the Mage is a Vidyadhara, one who has been exposed to incredible knowledge and seeks ever more. She hired Ram some time ago to act as her bodyguard and manservant, and sought out Rahi, who she knew must wield the sword, that we only know part of it’s name. Kanta’s magic focuses on the True Name of all things. Once she knows a things name, she has mastery over it. (Kanta’s Character Sheet)

Ram Jul’Rash (Adrienne) the Holy Killer, appears to be a fun loving guyaka ready for a drink and a song. While this is true Ram also serves death and delivers to his dark mistress as she requires. He has fought side by side with Rahi, and shared many drinks with Merit. (Ram’s Character Sheet)

Merit (Karen) the trickster, is a diminutive Yaksa who travels from town to town, graciously accepting the gifts everyone seems so eager to pile upon heroes.



Not all the bond text on our playbooks was complete (they had been hacked quite a bit) so here are our official and unofficial bonds:


  • Ram has fought side by side with me, he is a true friend.
  • When I was young I fled from a monster and it destroyed Merit’s village.
  • Kanta is a Vidyadhara, a real Vidyadhara!


  • Ram’s only bonds are with Death, his mistress.


  • Rahi fears me because they do not understand me.
  • I have shown Rahi the power of my wisdom, learning, and mastery of the arcane arts.\
  • I believe that I must teach Ram


  • Ram has my back with things go wrong, as they often do.
  • I know a secret about Kanta but they don’t know I know it. (Kanta let an ailing family die, so that she could heal Rahi from a mortal wound)

Pragati NayarIntro to the session – Fish for Dinner

You are all going to start out in the town of “Fish-for-Dinner”*, the biggest seaport in the area. The main fishing fleet of Wet Plains operates out of Fish-for-Dinner, and it has a bustling fish market and does good trade in dried or preserved seafood products, as well as carrying on trade up the river.

The Sirdar of Fish-For-Dinner, Pragati Nayar, has put out a call for heroes to solve a difficult problem. Pay is supposed to be good***. Rumor has it that it has something to do with difficulties that the fishing fleet is supposed to be having at the moment, but details are sketchy. It is known that several fishing vessels have disappeared of late. Since a call for heroes has gone out rumors have been flying about and the general agreement amid it all is that it must be something serious if it needs heroes. Since all the characters have hero marks and people can tell that they are heroes, you have all started getting looks on the streets – nobody is going to be impolite enough (or crazy enough) to treat you with anything less than complete respect and deference, but people are clearly wondering what is going on and what you are going to do about it.

*I am using the convention that place names are converted to their actual meaning. Because the people of the land love clever word usage, place names tend towards the alliterative, the pretentious, or the droll.

**Sirdar: (lit. “Holder of Authority”) a generic title for whoever is in charge of an area but not actually royalty. The head of a major city is a Sirdar. The head of a tiny village is a Sirdar. It is often used less formally for anyone in charge of anything – the owner of a farm with two hired hands may be referred to jokingly as a Sirdar.

***Fish-for-Dinner is one of the wealthiest urban areas in Wet Plains, so pay tends to be pretty good.

Enter the Big Damn Heroes

In the bustling streets of Fish-for-Dinner, we wasted little time finding the Sirdar. Rahi and Ram knew there was a need for us. Kanta believed this was part of the journey to find new knowledge and Merit thought it likely we’d get paid well.

On the street as we traveled towards the capital, Kanta asked the people what they thought of their leader and of their current plight. [First roll of the game and I rolled snake eyes to Discern Reality. Good times]. The tired laborer assailed the Sirdar with every character flaw imaginable. She had personally taken from him and his boon companions. She wasn’t a leader, but a thief, taxing them all and keeping the riches for herself.

When we met the Sirdar, she did not quite meet up to her citizens appraisal and instead seemed to be personally austere and had great personal concern for her people. The problem she needed heroes to solve: A tamigula, which is a colossally large shark, the kind of shark that eats great whales for snacks had died and it’s massive corpse washed up on the coast of Fish for Dinner, creating a small island of rotting flesh. Flesh which attracted carnivorous fish and worse. One fisherman, Barun Tek, said he spotted trees that had grown up out of it, after it had only been there for a few days at most. Two fishing boats have gone out and haven’t returned. Nayar was concerned their may be monsters living on the island and attacking ships as they came near.

Kanta asked if we could be outfitted with a stout ship and and brave captain to take us out to the monster corpse turn island of pestilence. She offered that one would be provided in the morning. Merit inquired if there would be payment, and if we would be given supplies for our journey, our gold to purchase the supplies, or both. Preferably both.

Becoming antiquated with the waters

(Also know as, you can’t trust heroes in four feet of water). Ram said that he had never been on the water before and was eager to experience it. Kanta told him that he must learn the names of the waves before he trusted his life on them. Merit said the water was old hat and that she’d be happy to teach him and Rahi how to swim.

Ram, eager to get to the swimming, and less so to the learning, asked Kanta if he could swim first before leaning the waves names. Kanta consented to his request but had a lesson in mind for him already.

We found a warm river delta where the current was mild and the water was not deep. Merit began her instruction promptly. She said that most people learned to swim with hardly anything on, bu realistically, usually when you’re knocked in the water, it’s with your boots on and a sack full of gold in one hand, so best to learn carrying all that your normally wear!

As they splashed about, Kanta stepped ankle deep into the delta water, bent down, and placed her palms on the surface of the water. “Little cove, what is your name?” Though the cove would not reveal itself to her, a single wave, Temichi greeted Kanta and slashed about her ankles. “Little Temechi, I want you to go drown than man” She gestured to Ram “Pull him under the water, keep him there for a time, then whisper your name into his ear, and let him go.”

Little Temichi was not a great wave or a strong one, and it could not hold Ram long, but it held him there long enough that it got the attention of the all the people who had gathered to watch us. And everyone, Rahi and Merit, and all many of the locals, all dove in the water to rescue him. By the time he was saved Merit and a fisherman had almost drowned and Rahi lost her relic blade Victory getting them out of the once gentle, now treacherous waters.

Rahi was ashamed of her loss and wondered, not for the first time, if she was worthy of carrying such a weapon. One of the Sirdar’s guardsmen kneeled before her and offered up his blade, begging her to take it. She accepted reluctantly, and somberly we retreated back to to the Sirdar’s quarters.

To the side a small boy watched wide eyed as Kanta stood in what was part of the river bed but was now dry, the water had left the area to drown Ram. As the spell ended it came rushing back around her feet. When she asked the river told Kanta, that only shedding all that she had could Rahi earn back the blade.

An early morning

Before the slept, Kanta spoke with Merit and Ram, revealing that the tragedy of the day was caused by her, in an attempt to teach Ram the value of knowledge, only to reveal that for her knowledge, she lacked wisdom. In the same breath she asked Merit to steal everything Rahi possessed, so that the warrior could earn back her blade. Merit didn’t put much faith in rivers, they are tricky ones. She wasn’t going to cause any more trouble for Rahi. Ram, meanwhile, was someone excited by the fact that Kanta nearly killed him, but deeply disturbed that she was not forthright with him. Kanta blushed a deep shade of indigo and asked that Ram not killer her while she slept.

The all woke (even Kanta) and met with the Sirdar, and her guest, the fisherman Barun Tek. He was greedily eating as much as he could as fast as he could, and stuffing what he couldn’t fit into his mouth, into whatever pockets he had. Merit, not one to go without sustenance started eating in earnest and stashing away what she could as well!

Tek said he had seen the creature but didn’t dare get close to it. Now, however, with a great reward in store for him, he had mustered his bravery and would take us there. Before even setting foot on his fishing boat we already started making plans for how to send this titanic creature back to its original deep sea grave.

End of Session

  • Kanta – Changed her bond with Ram from I believe that I must teach Ram to I must prove that I am earnest to Ram.
  • Merit – Satisfied her alignment requirement to con people out of their valuables.
  • Rahi – Satisfied her alignment requirement to defend the weak and unfortunate.
  • All – We learned about the world, specifically that the Night of Blight brings creatures beyond the pale, and that one had died and was creating problems even in death!

What Rocked

Oh, I  am terrible. Kanta in her arrogance caused so much trouble. Fishermen nearly died. Rahi lost her sword, and Ram no longer respects her. So good. Mechanically, much of this stirred from a series of 7-9 weak hits and outright misses. The system operating as it should!

Karen was amazing. Merit was so mercenary the entire time. I didn’t capture ever detail above but I loved that at ever chance he reminded people that big damn heroes needed a lot of creature comforts (food, gold, drink, comfortable beds, etc.) to perform all their thrilling heroics!

As first sessions go, this one gelled very well. Our character had some really deep rooted motivations to care about one another. Rahi is tormented by guilt over what happened to Merit’s village. Merit is holding onto a secret of Kanta’s that she hasn’t let out yet. Kanta is obsessed with “teaching” Ram. Ram is just obsessed with death. It’s some really good stuff.

What could have improved

For being the land of 10,000 gods none of us really made mention of gods during the session. I’m sure we can rectify that in future games.

It didn’t happen this time because I used magic to do a small thing (pull that man under water) but I’m concerned that as written magic could be really broken (like “change major plot elements of the setting by casting a spell” broken). I think we’ll see next session if it needs more costs and/or limitations built into it when I try to cast a spell that blows an island size corpse back into the sea!