Do, Students of the Weekly Spelling Test (Lesson 11)

I’m going to try using Do, Pilgrims of the Flying Temple to do spelling homework with my daughter. Each week she is given a list of 20 works she needs to learn to spell. 20 is a lot of words for a letter, but I think if we do it over the course of a week, and keep the mechanics very simple we can do it.

Since it’s just me and my daughter, we’ll each make a Pilgrim/Student and each turn someone isn’t in trouble, we’ll roll a die. Even, we get to help the letter writer. Odd, we help but get in trouble and the next persons turn needs to be spent getting us out of trouble. Once the student is out of trouble, we’ll go back to rolling a die again. No matter what, each sentence we write will have 1 or 2 two words in it.

This may take some of the mechanical nuance out of Do, but I’m okay with that because I don’t want many distractions from writing the sentences. Also, I don’t think Do works too well with two players and as my little one is nine, I’m happy to introduce the rules slowly. Hmm, maybe I’ll give the student who helps out some kind of perk, like a carrot (a real one) so that helping each other out is rewarding as well as mandatory.

This week, we’re on lesson 11. Here are the words:

Here’s my letter. It is a little disjointed, but hey, what’s not to like about a little poodle named freckles?

Dear Students,

Help! My poodle named freckles is in the middle of a puddle. The problem is simple, she is a little poodle and not able to get out of the puddle, no matter how much I whistle for her or how much she tries to wiggle.

Many people have seen freckles, but they are more interested in going to the castle, you can sample fireworks there that sparkle and twinkle in the night.

I offered one man a nickel for his pool noodle, but when I held it out to freckles, I tickled her on accident.

Freckles is still trapped in the puddle, and I need to get home to eat my apple for lunch and play with my new bottle of bubbles.

Thank you for your help,

Little in the middle (the name I often call my older daughter, and two of this weeks words)