Actual Play – Flagship Atlantis (5/29/2010)

GM: Sean Nittner
Players: Matt, Justin, Jennifer, Erica, Bryan, et al.
System: Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

This was the fourth and smoothest run of this game yet. And yet it could still use improvement. Enough so that I’m going to run it two more times. It was fun enough and had characters that were rockin enough that I want to port this game into a Lady Blackbird hack. I think it’s got the legs to do it.

The game structure and mechanics were similar to the last run:

With these changes:

DundraCon – Part 3 (Saturday Night 2/13/2010)

The family showed up during the day so I got to hang out with them in between games. Dinner at Baha Fresh always means fish tacos for me and the tacos did not disappoint. Worried about prep I ditched the wife and kids (4 year olds can be the slowest eaters on the planet when you’re running late) and head back to set up my game.

Actual Play – Flagship Atlantis

GM: Sean Nittner (heya, that’s me)
Players: Daniel, Kevan, Scott, Joshua, J.C. and one other gentlemen I can’t remember the name of (bad Sean)
System: Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

SPOILER ALERT – If you play to play in this game at KublaCon, Good Omens Con, or SeanCon and want to be surprised, don’t continue. The story is coming out. If you want just the highlights without the story being revealed skip to what rocked/could have been improved.

SANITY ALERT – This AP report is a mess. It’s one part story, one part mechanics, one part personal reflection, one part crack smoking. It’s gotten horribly long as I both detail everything in the game and then reflect on how it could be better. Sometimes I’m speaking in GM voice as I would to the players, other times as storyteller crafting my narratives, other times as a game monkey discussing my designs and finally as a editor, critiquing the voices above. I thought about breaking it up but frankly don’t have the energy. So, if you have the endurance to slog through it, be my guest. Otherwise skip to the “what rocked/what could have been better” category as it is at least concise.

A rather long description of my game.