Actual Play-ish – The Cookie Larp (9/5/2015)

Players: Eric Mersmann, Jenn Martin, Sean Nittner
System: Cooking

Okay, I’m cheating to call this actual play, but we called everything that wasn’t already named a larp at Sandcon. The porch larch, the laundry larp, the beach larp. So, since this was an event on the schedule, and I was technically the organizer, I’m listing it!

Eric, my hero of hedonism, my savior or sweets, my champion of confections, brought with him not only three rolls of frozen cookie dough, but also a veritable bounty of delights for decorating them.

Just as we started cooking Kira said she was going to the beach and wanted a chocolate cookie with chocolate chips. Though it means Jenn and I making a trip out to the beach and exposing ourselves to that terrible day star, we delivered them as promised!

Some pretty amazing cookies up in here:

What rocked

Eric’s prep. Made it all easy!

Jenn and I taking cookies out on the beach like fairy godmothers… with cookies.

Making special cookies for our hosts (Jason, Lizzie, and James).

Having fun with friends baking and getting creative with decorations! Jenn made a big dipper!

What could have been improved

It’s cookies, yo. It doesn’t get much better. Unless it was an 8 out of 10 or better brownie on the Jstav scale. Next year… brownies.