Actual Play – Mage (7/2/2007)

GM: Sean Nittner
System: Mage

Yay for a fun Mage game Monday night.

Things went slower than I had hoped (as always). The Cabal learned of a Magath, or a spirit gone wrong living under the Golden Gate. There just so happens to be a spirit locus on the Gate (which is part of he reason the Magath was hanging around it) so they were able to cross into twilight (notably not shadow) to look for this thing. Their first encounter were its minions, great white shark spirits with bloodshot eyes and if possible even more teeth than a real shark. The one who tasked them to go after the sharks just watched as they took on one of them. The thing really gave the cabal a run for their money. Sharks are tough, strong and fast and their spirits are no exception. Eventually they defeated it, but not without taking a licking themselves. Nightshade unfortunately was cut and nobody thought to do anything about the wound, so naturally they would be detected later as the sharks tracked the smell of blood. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

They traced the patrol back to a kelp bed with labyrinthine qualities. They passed through tunnels of kelp and oily, murky water to find a whole mess of sharks circling over a monolith of bike parts, running shoes and spandex shorts. This of course was when the pack noticed the bleeding mage and came chasing them. Fun Fun. With a little help from the previously useless councilor the cabal got away from the sharks, waded through the kelp and made it to the monolith.

After further inspection the made out that the monolith was actually the begining of an arch made up of salvaged parts. Also, scribed in bike frames, fenders and cell phones were Atlantean Ruins “The Guardians” but was clearly unfinished. Then Valkyrie notices the Magath and it notices him. Of course what does a Bridge Toll spirit look like… Yep, a troll. And what does a Bridge Toll spirit that has mixed with a salvage spirit look like, yep a Troll from Shadowrun. Anyway, he was insisting on being paid his “toll” which had to be some form of transportation. He was given some flippers, a buoyancy control device, a bike Val found in the kelp and other sundry bits. Eventually the Magath was appeased (nobody wanted to know its name, or actually they did want to know its name but when it told them it would answer 5 questions, nobody asked it) and they found out a demon and Constructum had gotten together to form this gate leading to the Alahan Monastery in Turkey. Good Fun.

Mix that up with suspecting their councilor (Paracelsus) is a mole for the 53rd and we have fun time. Next session is off to Turkey.

Actual Play – Mage (6/26/2007)

GM: Sean Nittner
System: Mage

Okay, so if you’re not in my Mage game, probably none of this will make any sense at all to you.

Just had a fun, if somewhat low energy game session with loupyone. Rhys got to have a personal “chat” with the Hierarch who tried to at once make a showing of being concerned and at the same time intimidate Rhys. I think both worked, Bannaker isn’t an especially nice guy.

After that he headed back to the Hallow, called up p01t3rg3ist and they went to work on Constructum, using the information he gleaned from the “ring sight” spell. It took some work (we had a investigation montage that was great fun) but Rhys eventually found the seal of one of the creators. He dumped some serious mana into it (seven pawns) and the seal opened, revealing the “brain”. A thousand golden threads, each finer than a spider silk and all of them interlocking to form some kind of clockwork mechanism. This of course lead to the great scientific insight of “huh, that’s strange” followed by a beer as the camera started filming the threads to try and create a model. I think the hard drive is going to fill up first.

And finally, Rhys asked p01t3rg3ist to look at the laptop Rhys took from the Seer sanctum. Weird shit on it. A camera program by Bay Area alarms forwarding the video capture to a static IP address. Okay normal enough. The other program, however was a proprietary medical monitoring software developed by Bay Area Advatatech, Ltd. which was what the 53rd was using to monitor the status of their “patients”.

All in all, good stuff. Rhys learned quite a bit. I just hope it wasn’t too dry as I didn’t have the energy I like to put into games.