Narrative Control – Episode 9 – Previews and Running a Con

This week’s episode has two segments. The first half covers using previews to prime your next game. The second section is a review of my experience running Good Omens Con. I review all the steps and hopefully offer up some useful advice.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Justin Evans

Length: 23:48

Liner Notes

[00:28] Show Introduction: Previews and Running Conventions.
[01:32] Bumper.
[01:54] Part 1. Definitions of Preivews.
[02:04] Okay, the real Definition of Previews .
[02:14] Justin’s Bleeding Edge Stuff .
[02:57] Modeled after previews to TV shows, designed to get players excited about the next game.
[03:48] How Justin uses it in his game. Players create brief (vague) scenes for the next game.
[04:35] Incorporating them into the next game.
[05:08] Can be difficult if you don’t know how long the game will be.
[05:48] The players end up giving you fuel for the games.
[05:59] What if you can’t find a place to fit the preview in? Does it feel forced?
[07:48] What about players framing their scenes including the preview?
[08:50] Allowing the players to fill in the details.
[09:58] Sean has requested scenes in advance form players. Mixed results. Do previews ever have these troubles?
[11:03] Keep the previews short and vague.
[11:33] Authoring other player’s characters into your previews?
[12:30] Players enjoy the spotlight being put on them.
[12:51] Sean’s superior math skills.
[13:05] Bumper.
[13:12] Part 2. Good Omens Con.
[13:42] Stats: 60 attendees, 14 games, and a Guest GM: Carl Rigney.
[14:16] Covered by
[14:28] Instant Pre-Order for Don’t Lose your Mind.
[15:30] The History of Good Omens Con.
[15:48] Both Cons were Chartiy Events: Alemeday Food Bank .
[16:49] First starting thinking about this early 2005.
[17:38] Location. Find a place to host the con. EndGame hosted our con. They Rock!
[19:12] Date: Pick a date where there aren’t other convetions going on.
[19:42] Round up GMs.
[20:26] Coordinante the game sign ups.
[21:12] Feeing of running a con is great. A chance to give back to the gamer community.
[21:20] Sean’s Mantras – Scratch someone elses back first.and “Free is Good!”

Good Omens Games
Don’t Loose your Mind

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