Narrative Control – Episode 79 – Character Driven Play

Hi, and welcome back to the show! This episode I have three awesome gamers that have played in some extremely character driven games with me. I brought them on to discuss what’s needed in a game to give players the tools they need to drive a game, how do you keep player antagonism safe at a table, and what external threats are necessary to keep the action moving and prevent the game from turning into a soap opera.

Host: Sean Nittner

Guests: Jon Edwards, Regina Joyner, and Karen Twelves

Lenth: 30:47

[00:27] Intro to the show
[00:53] Welcoming my guests Jon Edwards, Regina Joyner, and Karen Twelves
[03:13] What is needed in the game to give players enough direction to drive the game forward themselves?
[08:20] Unstable situations with no status quo, and characters determining where the power would go.
[10:54] What maintained the tension mounting between the characters?
[15:04] How many external threats do you need to prevent the game from becoming a soap opera?
[18:03] Handling player versus player conflicts in a satisfactory way. No hurt feelings, but no pulling punches either.
[21:10] Keeping the game conformable and safe for you fellow players. Playing at the edge of your comfort level.
[27:23] What you needed to keep your attention on the other player characters.
[27:48] Ending with a satisfactory resolution that still leaves plot threads opens for another story.
[29:59] Gratuitous self-congratulatory discussion of previous games (kept short to keep my ego from leaving the atmosphere).

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  1. Hey, I stumbled upon this podcast several months ago and have really enjoyed listening to many of your past episodes. I have noticed that no new content has been added recently, I hope all is well.

    Hope to hear more of your podcasts real soon!

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