Narrative Control – Episode 51 – Iron GM

Hi, welcome back to Narrative Control.  This week, in addition to a whole bunch of news, Fattig and I are talking about the Iron GM competition held at EndGame.  Isikoff vs. Macklin!

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Eric Fattig

Length: 26:45

Show Notes

[00:27] Intro to the show.   Actually skip to 8:10 if you want to skip the news and get to the topic: Iron GM
[00:55] We have a news segment?
[01:10] Narrative Control is up for a Golden Geek.  Please vote for us!
[02:11] Forums have changed.  Upgraded to a new version of Vanilla and moved hosts.
[03:20] Game Chef.  Sean is an entrant. Check out my game “Burning Your Skin.”
[04:56] Big Bad Con – Less than a year away.
[06:06] Fattig’s Life: Nothin
[06:24] EndGame Minicon 10/16
[07:28] Today is 10-10-10 – Congratulations Erik and Ammy.
[08:10] Iron GM – Our Topic
[08:52] Iron GM:  The gauntlet is thrown – How it started.
[10:15] Iron GM: Competition format compared to the show.
[13:59] Iron GM:  The Play Experience – Made of awesome.
[19:33] Iron GM: Results – Brian Isikoff is the Iron GM.  Matt Steele and Mike Bogan are the next challengers.
[22:44] Iron GM: Wrap up and review.
[24:12] Post game analysis: Sean’s Actual Play, Tim’s AP, 2d6 Feet’s Episode with Brian and Ryan.
[25:09] Iron GM will be at Big Bad Con.

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