Narrative Control – Episode 46 – Resources: Stat!

Welcome back to Narrative Control.  This week Fattig and I are responding to an email from Adam Thoma about using a resources stat in game.     We’ve got some insights from our own games.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Eric Fattig

Length: 30:41

Show Notes

[00:29] Intro to the show.
[00:57] Happy Birthday Narrative Control. We’re two years old.
[01:08] Greetings from Sean and Fattig.
[01:33] Go Play SF Bay Events. Checked them out on Facebook: Twitter:  Website:
[02:54] Played a little Apocalypse World with Carl Rigney.
[03:29] Announcing Big Bad Con (  Like:  Tweet @bigbadcon.
[05:09] Fattig has moved.
[05:29] Sean is working out.
[05:50] Email from Adam Thoma – How do you use resources in your games.
[07:51] What is the effect using a resources stat? Pros!
[12:40] Where a resources mechanic has caused frustration.  Cons!
[14:05] Haggling.
[21:35] Other cool ways to uses resources as a stat: Ammo checks, Spellcasting capacity, etc.
[26:18] Making these things precious adds weight to their meaning in the story.  Creating conflicts out of events that are trivial in other games.
[28:41] Thank you Adam for sending us the question. This episode is for you.

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