Narrative Control – Episode 4 – Burning Las Vegas Continued

Hi, welcome to Narrative Control.  This episode is part two of Burning Las Vegas, the city creation process for the alpha test of the Dresden Files RPG. We run through the locations we created in Las Vegas, the personalities we put there and how we intend to use these in our games. Plus, there’s a little insight into Sean’s vampire aversion. Listen and laugh.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Erik Woodbury

Liner Notes

[0:27] Intro to the Show – Burning Las Vegas, part 2
[0:50] Promo for This Modern Death
[1:44] Creating Locations – What this does for the game
[2:16] Player contributions create investments immediately
[2:54] Why Sean won’t include vampires in his games
[3:22] Dealing with gambling
[3:39] Location #1 – The Strip – How much granularity do we need to define now?
[5:16] Location #2 – Voodoo Lounge – A hang out and safe area for supernaturals. Changes we made in the real world.
[6:22] Erik is a real pain in the donkey.
[7:18] We’re accepting donations to go to the Voodoo Lounge. Yeah, right!
[7:40] Aspects: “Let your inner party animal out Discrete Inquiries; Apply Within” and “You only start trouble once.” – How we combined a few themes to create make these aspects.
[9:49] Location #3 – Fremont Street Experience – Home of the mob.
[10:40] Aspect: “You’re only safe under the lights.” This place represents the conflict between the old guard and the new powers
[11:50] Why we create an utter mundane, Grandpa Tony.
[14:13] Location #4 – Las Vegas Country Club Resort – Why the high rollers won’t be coming here.
[15:13] Aspect: “Power Plays on the Back Nine.”
[15:45] Characters in the story will be coming here to make major changes. The player characters will be movers and shakers.
[16:50] How the books may end up differing from the game.
[17:28] Location #5 – University of Nevada, Las Vegas – Home of the Rebels
[17:58] A stripper who met her husband at a strip club… it could happen to you.
[18:34] UNLV Student Body – Finger on the Pulse of the parties, entry point to other places in the city, built in victims.
[19:50] Professor of Aberrant Psychology – A source of local lore.
[20:44] Other locations we haven’t detailed here but we’ve got on the web site:
[21:33] Our Area 51 Operative
[22:37] The steps to follow
[23:14] Fred Hicks Promo
[23:26] Closing and contact information

This Modern Death
Evil Hat Productions
Dresden Files RPG
Jim Butcher’s Website
Burning Las Vegas

Download: NC_Episode_004

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