Narrative Control – Episode 3 – Burning for the Dresden Files

Hi, welcome to Narrative Control.  This episode is part one of Burning Las Vegas, the city creation process for the alpha test of the Dresden Files RPG. We introduce the Dresden Files and then step through our process of picking a city and giving it life. Next week, part two will wrap up with the locations and personalities we created.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Erik Woodbury

Liner Notes

[0:30] Mashing things up. A few changes.
[0:33] New co-host Erik Woodbury
[0:50] Brian Isikoff invited me to be a guest on Episode 38 of 2d6feet in a Random Direction
[1:18] Burning Las Vegas. Alpha Play Test of the Dresden Files RPG.
[2:15] Bumper
[2:37] Introduction to the Dresden Files novels setting
[3:58] Step One – Pick a City. How we chose Las Vegas.
[4:53] Brainstorming cities
[5:54] The issue of Primacy
[6:19] Our difficulty settling on one city. Trying to avoid stereotypes
[8:56] Step Two – The theme of the Las Vegas
[9:38] Vegas is a crossroads for the world
[10:08] Potential themes: “Luck be a Lady tonight”, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, “The haves and have nots”, “A holiday for morality”, “That’s nothing, just wait till you see what happens next weekend” and “Grandfather Thunder is displeased.”
[11:18] Focusing these aspects on themes that would be easy to use in game and that would push the story forward.
[13:15] Conflict between “Sin City” and “Entertainment Capital of the World”
[14:50] Our personal experiences in Las Vegas
[16:54] Our final picks for themes
[17:17] How Aspects will work in Dresden Files RPG (as per Fate)
[18:20] Little known fact. Las Vegas means “The Meadows”
[18:51] End of part one, intro to part two: Locations and Personalities
[19:09] Contact information

2d6 Feet in a Random Direction
Evil Hat Productions
Dresden Files RPG
Jim Butcher’s Website

Live Journal Entries for Burning Las Vegas:
Viva Las Vegas
The Entertainment Capital of the World
Fear and Self Loathing in Las Vegas

Download: NC_Episode_003

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