Narrative Control – Episode 24 – 10 Questions to Ask a Gamer

Hi and welcome back to Narrative Control. This week I surprise Justin with 10 questions about his gaming preferences as an exercise to learn more about your players.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Justin Evans

Length: 45:17

Show Notes

[00:25] Introduction the show: An experiment asking Justin 10 questions.
[02:17] Sorry about the sound quality. Our new microphones picked up a lot more background noise.
[02:54] This Modern Death Promo
[03:49] What about role-playing games do you like?
[04:23] How does playing RPGs make you feel?
[08:16] What other activities make you feel the same way?
[09:33] What do you look like/sound like when you’re enjoying a game?
[11:47] What is a buzz kill for you, what makes the game not fun?
[15:47] What limits do you have when gaming? What don’t you want in a game?
[24:50] What do you want to happen at the end of a game session?
Hmmm…. Not quite 10 there. Yeah, I missed some. We’ll get another one at the end.
[25:54] Questions are finished. Sean takes a minute to think… For the benefit of all, that minute has been edited out.
[26:00] Sean’s idea for a game. 1920 Gritty Crime Story.
[29:00] Justin’s revisions.
[33:05] Recap of the questions.
[33:38] Missing Question: What non-gaming activities do you like to do?
[33:36] Continuation of recap. Creating a proposal, followed by revisions.
[37:31] Justin’s follow up question: Where there any answers that surprised Sean?
[38:59] Continued speculation. We’re going to start guessing now.
[41:31] Sean’s thought: these would be good questions to ask before starting a game.

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