Narrative Control – Episode 18 – Hitting the Ground Running

This continues our discussion on running games at conventions. This episode is about how to get the game started quickly and get the players into the action.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Justin Evans

Length: 24:36

Show Notes

[00:26] Introduction to the Show: Hitting the ground running.
[00:56] Canon Puncture Promo, er maybe Atomic Ray Podcast Promo.
[01:46] Part II of running con games. How to get the game rolling quickly.
[02:46] Starting games with a bang. Showcase each character’s ability.
[03:45] Teaching the mechanics to the players.
[04:41] Start by making sure you’re players are equipped with everything they need.
[05:21] Provide a quick summary of relevant rules.
[07:25] Teach rules as needed.
[08:27] Focus on the mechanics that you are going to be using for this game.
[09:15] Providing “half-baked” characters.
[09:50] See what you can trim from the system and setting to make it manageable.
[11:48] Setting exposition in game.
[12:02] Focusing on one portion of a setting.
[12:20] Give each character an agenda.
[13:50] Some systems provide these: Burning Wheel, SotC, etc.
[14:05] How to provide direction if the system doesn’t have a mechanic for it.
[16:09] Creating interconnections between player characters.
[16:39] You know what sucks?
[17:41] Woops… should have been in the last episode. Playtest your games.
[18:44] Watch the clock and jump to endgame when it time is short.
[19:54] Short circuit the end conflict if necessary.
[20:23] Making sure all the players have had the spotlight.
[20:41] Factoring in cleaning up after the game.
[22:11] Summary and request for feedback.
[22:25] Make sure you know the game mechanics well yourself.

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