Narrative Control – Episode 13 – Interview with Fred Hicks

Hi, and welcome back to Narrative Control. This is my 13th episode, my 4th show on the Dresden Files RPG, but my first… numero uno interview. Fred Hicks, from Evil Hat was kind enough to share one of his afternoons talking to me about Dresden files, reviewing our experiences as play testers and share a little behind the scenes look at creation of his games. I had a great time talking to Fred and I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Hosts: Sean Nittner, interviewing Fred Hicks

Length: 31:13

Show Notes

[00:29] Intro to the Show – Interview with Fred Hicks.
[00:51] Links to Battle of Wits not resolving. Email us for a copy:
[01:24] Show was recorded with Skype and PowerGramo – How did it sound?
[01:54] This Modern Death Promo.
[02:31] Welcome to _a_ Fred Hicks.
[03:03] First Question from a listener Mikael – Talk about Points of Tension.
[03:10] Fred has discussed this before with Ryan Macklin at Master Plan, Episode 33.
[03:46] Points of tension start around resource management, always wanting more.
[05:10] This should move the character from a static state and tilt them in one direction.
[06:10] In Dresden Files RPG this is expressed in trading Free Will for Power.
[07:15] Which is more important? System or Setting? Neither and Both!
[09:20] Structure of the aspects also affects this. The “Theme” aspect in particular drives the conflicts.
[10:45] The Character Sheet is a lover letter to the GM. I love you, but do these things and I’ll love you even more.
[11:37] Don’t Rest Your Head created to some extent to bring the level of character pain Fred had been looking for.
[12:00] Where did the idea of a love letter to the GM come from?
[12:56] What you want is on the character sheet. Giving weight to the soft want.
[14:34] The Kirk effect!
[15:38] Second Question – Anticipated format of the game. Dresden Files is pitched as a campaign game.
[17:38] Advancement system is going to center around major story arcs as a unit of time.
[18:43] Major milestones – Raising Refresh (new powers!) and joining a new weight class.
[19:02] Minor advancement – Gaining a few skill points or parts of character evolution, shuffling skills and aspects.
[19:47] Characters changing is interesting, not necessarily getting more powerful. Change is cheap. Growth takes a long time.
[21:23] Third Question – Changes from SoTC. Stunts and Damage system!
[22:10] Stunt creation is now explicit. Empowering players to create their own.
[24:20] Supernatural Stunts are where the system really enforces the feeling of the Dresdenverse.
[26:02] Fred’s goal is to publish a game sticks close to canon but leaves doors up.
[27:00] Damage System. Getting hit HURTS!
[28:00] Consequences are so proximate that you’re always fearing them coming on.
[29:07] Broken, Bruised, Bleeding, Demoralized and Scared as Hell – The way a Dresden fight should end.
[29:50] An example of social conflict: Harry in the car with Marcone the first time they meet.


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