Narrative Control – Episode 11 – Scene Framing

Hi, and welcome back to Narrative Control, episode 11. Justin and I are back to talk about framing scenes. Why and how to do it.

Hosts: Sean Nittner and Justin Evans

Length: 20:08

Liner Notes

[00:29] Show Intro – Scene Framing.
[00:40] Special thanks to listeners William, Mikael, and Robin for correcting us (er Justin). We did in indeed steal previews from Prime Time Adventures.
[00:56] This Modern Death Promo
[01:33] Your in a 10’ corridor!
[02:13] That is what a game without scene framing feels like.
[02:52] Definition of scene framing: Location, who is present, and what is going on.
[04:08] Why do we frame scenes? To avoid the tedium and get right to the action.
[06:01] Scene framing described well in Prime Time Adventures. Something else in PTA as well.
[06:54] In a Wicked Age – Driven strongly by scene framing. Nothing happens outside of a scene.
[07:07] Scene Framing in Panty Explosion in 5 parts: Location, Mood, Action, Who’s There and Supernatural Activity.
[07:33] Strategies for framing a scene. Start a scene at the last possible moment.
[08:34] To montage or not to montage?
[08:54] Justin’s campaign. Nothing happens out of a scene. Much of the mundane is skipped.
[09:22] Strategy for moving from one scene to the next. Ending with tension.
[10:02] How to bring this to the table? Make the scenes personal to the characters. Each scene should matter. Take cues from the characters (aspects, keys, beliefs, virtues). Start them with a direction based on those cues.
[11:43] Simmering scenes. Borrowed from Sons of Kryos and Ron Edwards.
[13:10] Weaving. Bring up elements from one character’s personality or background in other character’s scenes.
[14:00] Weaving us used constantly in My Life with Master. This prompted a lot of character interaction.
[14:55] Situation Sheets from Full Light, Full Steam. Players writing a document of what kinds of scenes they would like to see.
[15:56] Thematic Batteries. Require scenes that will charge these batteries.
[16:49] Questions to ask your self in the scene: What happens if nobody intervenes? Who might profit or suffer from the conflict? Setting some stakes in advance.
[18:26] Wrap up and recap of scene framing.

This Modern Death
Prime Time Adventures
In a Wicked Age
Panty Explosion
Sons of Kryos
Ron Edwards
Full Light, Full Steam

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