I’m Burning for the Dresden Files RPG

I just got accepted for the second alpha test of Dresden Files RPG. Our group is collectively known as the Burners and we’ll be seeing the product packaged in a different form than the previous batch (the Bleeders). We get one chunk at a time to review, consume, shout about and then give Evil Hat feedback on.

I’ve got a lot of games going on right now (D&D, Buffy, SotC) but I’m confidant I can squeeze in Dresden, simply because so many people will be exited about the content. I’ll either be posting here, on my small games forum, or some new fangled Wiki just for DFRPG, This Modern Death’s Forum, or maybe all of the above.

For now, I make you all jealous with my new fancy banner add (compliments of Evil Hat):

Check out Evil Hat for more.

10 thoughts on “I’m Burning for the Dresden Files RPG”

    1. Group of “Dresden Burners” includes 30 some odd groups of gamers, which we now happen to be a part of.

      Fred hasn’t released much yet, but as he does I’m going to find some time (somewhere) for us to work with it.

    1. There is no release date yet. I don’t think we’re going to hear one until Beta, but that is just a guess. As far as I can tell Fred is obsessed with making this game the most awesome thing it possibly can be, and I’m totally down with waiting while he perfects it.

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