DundraCon 33 Submissions

Wow, it never ends. 
So, I’m thinking about DDC 33.
Here are my ideas:
1. My first thought, based off how well My Life with Joker was received would be My Life with Palpatine.  And while I LOVE the idea, frankly My Life with Master kind of underwhelmed me mechanically.  I think the scene framing is cool, but the actual crunchy bits varied from mediocre to disappointing.  So, I might run it with PTA instead, or Paul Strack’s Improv.  Whatever it is, I want short scenes with only one test (die roll, card comparison, whatever) for conflict resolution.  Any ideas on that front?
2. Star Wars Sons of Liberty / SotC mash up.  The players take the roll of important Star Wars characters (like Luke, Leia, Han, etc) for a short (1/2 hour) Sons of Liberty engine driven (using turns rather than free play) vs. a character playing the Empire (maybe me).  The result of the short game conveys the state of things in the long game.  If the rebels win, things look good at first, to reveal the dark side hidden in shadows.  If the Empire wins, thinks look grim from the get go.  The long game would use SotC to make minor (non-cannon) characters doing something minor that will help the major characters along.  Once they succeed or fail, we finish off with a SOL sytel game with the major characters kicking ass and taking names.  Hmm.. this game is still very rough around the edges but I like the idea of macro/micro play.
3. 1001 Parsecs.  You’re a slave of Jabba the Hutt.  In efforts to stay alive and maybe be freed you must entertain him and appease his disgusting tastes.  Using the engine for 1001 Nights.
Hmm.. can you tell I’ve got a Star Wars kick and an Indie game kick going on right now? Any thoughts.

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  1. I don’t know any of those engines, so my commentary is of necessity limited. #2 sounds very complicated–if you keep switching engines (which is what it sounds like you’d be doing), I think you’d spend quite a bit of time in explanation of how things are working.

    1. Yeah, time to explain and dealing with two sets of characters is probably too problematic for a Con game. I think I’m going to try this in a campaign game sometime though and see how it works. Sons of Liberty is hardly an RPG, its more like a card based story generator, which makes it great for quick play that never worries about rules. I think it is a good tool for breaking the ice, but it would be cumbersome to do that in a con game.

  2. After hearing your podcast with Ken I think life with master sounds smashing, so my life with Palpatine would be schweet!

    I don’t know about the other indie games but if you need help with storylines I own all the star wars films, and am a huge star wars geek, not to mention I have an imperial gunner costume and royal guard costume if you’re interested, I know how much you love props.

    I also wanted to run a wushu game of space balls or post clone wars in star wars and expand on the scene of “order 66” with all the Jedi having to fight for their life.

    1. Oh you are the awesome Jen. I would love to wear a Royal Guard Costume, that would be the SHIT.

      As for Wushu as a system, I’ve had good luck running it, but at for a “My Life Game” it wouldn’t capture the desperation needed. The principle of narrative truth puts too much power in the players and focuses them on playing their characters rather than framing scenes. It’s very player-centric vs. story-centric.

      Blinkie told me about the Space Balls idea and if he isn’t going to take you up on it I might. Tell me more about your idea.

      1. Greg and I will have to venture to you so you can try the royal guard helmet. My brother and I looooooooove the royal guards and we were in a star wars costuming group but the problem we had was our huge heads can’t fit in the helmet so after buying two helmets later we had to give up that dream.

        However, I’ll also let you try on our imperial crew man costume because you can wear it throughout the game without having a mask on.

        Ah. I am sad I couldn’t see your my life with joker game though!

        And just a brief summary of the spaceballs would take place where Spaceballs I left off. Everything seems all is well after Vespa’s and Lone Starr’s wedding and Dark Helmet and President Skroob stranded on Yogurt’s planet. Boba Feta seeks out Lone Starr after the death of his employer Pizza the Hutt. Feta then searches out the help of Dark Helmet, President Skroob, Colonal Sandurz and Comanderette Zircon to capture Lone Starr and seek out ultimate power the legitimate way again (or not so)…. to get former president Skroob elected to power again.

        I have more but once I type everything out I can email you.

        1. Cool. I’d love to see it. I get the feeling I should watch the movie again (it’s been over a decade) if I was going to run a Spaceballs game.

          As far as doing some star wars theme game, I definately need to come down, hang out and check out those costumes some time.

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